Superconductivity Classroom Kits

Alfa Aesar™ Superconductivity Demonstration Kit

Introductory kit demonstrating the Meissner effect

Alfa Aesar™ Suspension and Levitation Kit

Utilizes the Melt-Quench-Grow (MQG) process to fabricate High Temperature Superconductors

3B Scientific™ Electrolyzers and Electrodes Products for Science Education

Electrolyzers with safety terminals.

EISCO NeuLog Magnet Kit Products for Science Education

To investigate magnetic fields. EISCO NeuLog Magnet Kit allows students to compare magnetic field of two different magnets.

Electroscope Needle Products for Science Education

Simple to use.

Eisco™ Parallel Plate Capacitor Demonstrator Products for Science Education

The Eisco Parallel Plate Capacitor Demonstrator illustrates the principle of capacitance, its relationship with charge and voltage, its dependence on surface area of conductors and dielectric medium between two plates.

EISCO NeuLog Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

To investigate the field of electricity. EISCO NeuLog Electricity Kit provides students with basic equipment needed to investigate electricity.

Eisco™ Electrostatics Kit Products for Science Education

Makes teaching electrostatics easier.

Electricity Kits Products for Science Education

Electricity kits for a range of student skills.

EISCO Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate the mystery of electricity through a series of simple experiments.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electricity System 2 Products for Science Education

Students can explore common experiments such as Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers, and Motors in Series and Parallel.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electronics System 2 Products for Science Education

To explore common experiments such as The Astable Multivibrator, The Full-Wave Rectifier, The Push-Pull Amplifier, and building basic Two Stage Audio Amplifier.

EISCO Economy Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for introductory electronics. EISCO Economy Electricity Kit is a basic assortment of circuit components.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electricity System 1 Products for Science Education

Students can explore common experiments such as Ohm's Law, Series and Parallel Resistance Circuits, Kirchhoff's Laws, and RC Circuits.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electronics System 1 Products for Science Education

To explore common experiments such as The Half-Wave Rectifier, Measuring Gain with a Power Transistor, The Infrared Diode and Phototransistor, and The Unijunction Transistor.

EISCO Electrostatic Friction Rod Kit Products for Science Education

Use to study static electricity by creating charges with different materials.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electrostatics Products for Science Education

To understand fundamental concepts of static electricity.

United Scientific Supplies Electricity and Magnetism Kit Products for Science Education

Comprehensive 29-piece kit that introduces students to the basic principles of electricity and magnetism including magnetic attraction and repulsion magnetic fields, and electromagnetism.

United Scientific Supplies Building and Designing Batteries NextGEN STEM Kit Products for Science Education

Feature hands-on learning materials and interactive digital content that can be accessed on computer, tablet or mobile device.

Investigating Electricity Lab Products for Science Education

Teach electricity basics with hands-on experiments.

Science First™ Faraday Cage Kit Products for Science Education

Teach the principles of lightning

CaddyStack™ Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Designed with both quality and economy in mind.

Electricity DiscoveryKit™ Products for Science Education

Excellent introduction to building simple circuits.

Science First™ Hollow Cylinder Products for Science Education

Shows that an electrical charge resides only on the outside of a conductive body.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 24: Circuits and Electromagnets Products for Science Education

Students use their knowledge of electricity to make an electromagnet and a circuit maze.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 26: Static Electricity Products for Science Education

Students explore static electricity with this fascinating kit.

American Scientific Lenz Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

To demonstrate electric and magnetic forces.