Physiology Classroom Test Kits

Edvotek™ Cholesterol Diagnostics Products for Science Education

Study cholesterol-based diseases.

Edvotek™ What Is an Epidemic and How Does an Infection Spread? Products for Science Education

Students develop skills for accurately transferring solutions using pipets.

Kemtec™ Taste Discrimination Kit Products for Science Education

Allows students to determine sensitivity and discriminating ability of four known taste sensations.

Kemtec™ AIDS Simutest Kit Products for Science Education

Students become bio-technicians when they use this kit with totally safe components to run simulated ELISA tests for AIDS.

Kemtec™ ABO Blood Simutype Kit Products for Science Education

Use totally safe simulated human blood and antisera to study genetic inheritance of ABO blood types.

Edvotek™ How Does a Doctor Test for AIDS? Products for Science Education

Students perform simulated ELISA testing for AIDS.

Kemtec™ Anti-A, Anti-B, Serum Set, Lyophilized, 3-300L Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Kemtec™ Tallquist Hemoglobin Scale Products for Science Education

Allows quick assessment of patient's blood hemoglobin levels.

Kemtec™ ABO Blood Typing Kit (with Red Blood Cells) Products for Science Education

Learn the genetic inheritance patterns of blood types.

Edvotek™ Detection of Mad Cow Disease Products for Science Education

Educate students about mad cow disease.

Edvotek™ AP LAB 12: Fruit Fly Behavior Products for Science Education

Introduces students to the concept of distribution of organisms.

Edvotek™ Blood-Based Cancer Diagnostics Products for Science Education

Use specific cell surface protein markers of cancer cells for their identification.

Kemtec™ Dental Cavity Potential Kit Products for Science Education

Kit promotes dental health.

Kemtec™ Anti-Rh, Anti-D Serum, Lyophilized Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Kemtec™ Anti-Rh, Anti-D Serum Set (5mL) Products for Science Education

Highly specific monoclonal antiserum to Rh factor tested for HbsAg and HTLV-III (AIDS).

Edvotek™ Blood Typing Products for Science Education

Learn about determining blood types.

Sound and Music Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces characteristics of waves.

Kemtec™ Anti A, Anti B Serum Set (5mL) Products for Science Education

Highly specific monoclonal antisera tested for HbsAg and HTLV-III (AIDS).

Kemtec™ Blood Typing with Saliva Kit Products for Science Education

Students use their own saliva, from which antigen secretors will be able to determine their ABO blood type.

Lab-Aids™ Tracking the Spread of Infectious Diseases

The activity in this kit simulates the transmission of a contagious disease. Lab-Aids™ Tracking the Spread of Infectious Diseases simulates the steps epidemiologists take to try to determine its source and limit its spread.

Lab-Aids™ Animal Health and Food Safety: Chicken Little, Chicken Big

An introduction to medical and dietary supplemental products. Lab-Aids™ Animal Health and Food Safety: Chicken Little, Chicken Big explores how medical and dietary supplemental products, such as vitamins, are often given to humans and other animals to improve health, growth, or performance.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics

Students learn that plants do not grow only in soil, but also in water. Lab-Aids™ Investigating Plant Macronutrients Using Hydroponics is an investigation of water-based plants.

Lab-Aids™ Density: Layers of Liquids

Students are provided liquids of different viscosity and density and asked to observe and predict the relative density. Lab-Aids™ Density: Layers of Liquids gives students the chance to develop an operation level of density.

Lab-Aids™ Plant Cloning: Propagating Cuttings

Students explore the process of asexual plant propagation. Lab-Aids™ Plant Cloning: Propagating Cuttings provides students with specially designed materials for the easy replication and study of this process.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Smear Kit Products for Science Education

By taking a drop of blood, each student learns to identify the different types of common blood cells.

Lab-Aids™ Magnetic Fields and Forces

Students develop operational definitions of magnets, magnetic poles, and magnetic fields. Lab-Aids™ Magnetic Fields and Forces provides students a hands-on experience in 2-3 class periods.

Lab-Aids™ Plant Cell Study

Students prepare and view plant samples through a microscope. Lab-Aids™ Plant Cell Study provides a sense of realism and participation that are superior to commercially-prepared slides or illustrations.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Clotting Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Students time clot formation.

Understanding the Genetics of Blood Groups Using Neo/Blood™ Products for Science Education

Hands-on instruction on the fundamental concept of human inheritance.

Lab-Aids™ Genetic Equilibrium and Natural Selection

Students study the principles of genetic equilibrium and natural selection as a process of evolution. Lab-Aids™ Genetic Equilibrium and Natural Selection is a practical simulation to help students understand these concepts.