Physiology Classroom Test Kits

Kemtec™ Anti-Rh, Anti-D Serum, Lyophilized Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Kemtec™ AIDS Simutest Kit Products for Science Education

Students become bio-technicians when they use this kit with totally safe components to run simulated ELISA tests for AIDS.

Kemtec™ ABO Blood Simutype Kit Products for Science Education

Use totally safe simulated human blood and antisera to study genetic inheritance of ABO blood types.

Edvotek™ Detection of Mad Cow Disease Products for Science Education

Educate students about mad cow disease.

Kemtec™ Tallquist Hemoglobin Scale Products for Science Education

Allows quick assessment of patient's blood hemoglobin levels.

Edvotek™ Cholesterol Diagnostics Products for Science Education

Study cholesterol-based diseases.

Edvotek™ AP LAB 12: Fruit Fly Behavior Products for Science Education

Introduces students to the concept of distribution of organisms.

Edvotek™ Blood-Based Cancer Diagnostics Products for Science Education

Use specific cell surface protein markers of cancer cells for their identification.

Edvotek™ What Is an Epidemic and How Does an Infection Spread? Products for Science Education

Students develop skills for accurately transferring solutions using pipets.

Kemtec™ Blood Typing with Saliva Kit Products for Science Education

Students use their own saliva, from which antigen secretors will be able to determine their ABO blood type.

Kemtec™ Taste Discrimination Kit Products for Science Education

Allows students to determine sensitivity and discriminating ability of four known taste sensations.

Kemtec™ Anti-A, Anti-B, Serum Set, Lyophilized, 3-300L Products for Science Education

Lyophilized sera allow prolonged, stable storage and shelf life.

Edvotek™ How Does a Doctor Test for AIDS? Products for Science Education

Students perform simulated ELISA testing for AIDS.

Edvotek™ Blood Typing Products for Science Education

Learn about determining blood types.

Kemtec™ Dental Cavity Potential Kit Products for Science Education

Kit promotes dental health.

Kemtec™ ABO Blood Typing Kit (with Red Blood Cells) Products for Science Education

Learn the genetic inheritance patterns of blood types.

Kemtec™ Anti-Rh, Anti-D Serum Set (5mL) Products for Science Education

Highly specific monoclonal antiserum to Rh factor tested for HbsAg and HTLV-III (AIDS).

Sound and Music Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces characteristics of waves.

Kemtec™ Anti A, Anti B Serum Set (5mL) Products for Science Education

Highly specific monoclonal antisera tested for HbsAg and HTLV-III (AIDS).

Innovating Science™ ABO/Rh Blood Typing Tray Products for Science Education

Contain depression wells to perform ABO and Rh blood-typing.

Lab-Aids™ AIDS and STD Transmission and Control Kit Products for Science Education

Teaches and informs students by simulating the transmission of sexual diseases.

American Educational Products Stethoscopes Products for Science Education

For listening heart and chest sounds.

Innovating Science™ Kidneys and Blood Filtration Products for Science Education

Learn the role of the kidney in blood filtration and waste removal.

American Educational Products Smoking Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the dangers of smoking.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Smear Kit Products for Science Education

By taking a drop of blood, each student learns to identify the different types of common blood cells.

Linking Blood Donors and Recipients Using Neo/Blood™ Products for Science Education

Realistic medical emergency scenario explores accurate blood typing and why it's essential for safe transfusions and blood banking.

Lab-Aids™ Rh Blood-Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Determine the presence of the Rh inherited blood factor.

Lab-Aids™ Soil Nutrients and Fertilizers

Students find Nitrogen in soils and plant growth. Lab-Aids™ Soil Nutrients and Fertilizers has students engage in finding Nitrogen in various soils and in plant growth, as well as learning about the effects of excess nutrients in an ecosystem.