Eisco 4cm Mesozoic Ammonite Fossil Replica, Perisphinctes

Ammonites grew their shells from calcium carbonate, and grew constantly throughout their life span. This fossil replica is perfect for lessons on paleontology and geology.

Eisco 3cm Paleozoic Bivalve Fossil Replica

This bivalve fossil replica is representative of an organism that lived millions of years ago. Bivalves are filter feeders that usually bury themselves underwater in the sand. This model is perfect for paleontology lessons.

Eisco 4x10cm Fish Fossil Replica, Mesozoic

This fossil replica represents a mold of a ray-finned fish that died and was buried in the ocean. This fossil is great in the classroom for teaching about paleontology and fossil preservation.

Eisco 4cm Mesozoic Echinoderm Fossil Replica, Hardouinia

This fossil replica represents an ancient sea urchin that crawled along the seafloor, feeding on algae. This fossil is great for learning about paleontology and fossil preservation.

GeoSafari™ Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collections Set Products for Science Education

Dig into some serious fun with these fascinating collection kits.

American Educational Products Advanced Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

Comprehensive collection of 30 fossils.

American Educational Products Fossils DVD Products for Science Education

Uncovers many clues fossils reveal about Earth's last 600 million years.

Investigating Amber Fossils Products for Science Education

Polish amber to reveal insects that were trapped there millions of years ago.

Fossil Formation and Identification Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Use fossils to help explain evolution.

Fossil Casting Products for Science Education

Fossilize the educational history of your classroom.

American Educational Products EXPLORE WITH ME GEOLOGY™ - Fossils Products for Science Education

A perfect fossils collection starter set for the young students.

American Educational Products Fossil Hunt Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn to identify different fossils.

American Educational Products Fossil Identification Lab Products for Science Education

Uncover actual fossils more than 500 million years old.

American Educational Products General Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

Covers the Cambrian through the Pliocene eras.

Geology Dig Products for Science Education

Rocks, minerals, and fossils in a hands-on classification activity

Fossil Interpretation: The Present is the Key to the Past Products for Science Education

Use fossilized remains to link extinct organisms with their modern-day descendants.

American Educational Products Fossil Dig Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn to uncover and identify different types of fossils.

Lab-Aids™ Evolution: Examining Fossils and DNA Evidence Products for Science Education

Gives students the chance to explore fossil evidence of the theory of evolution. Lab-Aids™ Evolution: Examining Fossils and DNA Evidence has students compare fossil skeletons of whale ancestors to modern whale skeletons and use anatomical evidence to arrange the fossil skeletons in chronological order.

American Educational Products Fossil 10 Packs Products for Science Education

Helps students in exploration and identification of fossils.

American Educational Products Life On Earth: A Fossil History Products for Science Education

Designed to help students understand how life has changed over vast periods of geologic time.

Life in the Cenozoic Era Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

Fossils from the age of mammals and man.

Life in the Mesozoic Era Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

The age of dinosaurs—in your students' hands.

Introductory Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

20 fossils offer broad array of geological time.

Learn Your Fossils Kit Products for Science Education

Learn about and classify fossils that are many hundreds of millions of years old.

Premium Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

12 giant fossils show incredible details.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 9: Fossils Products for Science Education

Great introduction to the fascinating field of paleontology.

Life in the Paleozoic Era Fossil Collection Products for Science Education

Fossils of some of the earliest life forms.

Smithsonian Institution™ Diggin' Up Dinosaurs™ Products for Science Education

Hunting for dinosaurs in the classroom.