Burner Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Wicks for Alcohol Burners

For use with alcohol burner

Alcohol Burner Stands Products for Science Education

Accommodate a variety of burner sizes.

Burner Stand Products for Science Education

For butane-powered micro burners.

Self-Contained LPG Burner Butane Fuel Products for Science Education

Additional butane fuel canister for self-contained LPG burner.

American Educational Products Burner Tripods Products for Science Education

Provides support and distribute equal heat.

Wing Top Accessory Products for Science Education

Creates a fan-shaped flame for glass bending.

Argos Technologies StarFire Safety Burner Accessories

For use with StarFire ST and StarFire XT Safety Bunsen Burners

Argos FireStar™ Bunsen Burners Footswitch

Can be used in “standard” or “stop/start” mode, depending on the applications