Timer Controllers

Fisherbrand™ Outlet Controller Strips Products for Science Education

Eight-outlet strip combined with a 7-day controller.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Walkaway™ Count-Up Controllers Products for Science Education

Use for timed shutdown or repeated ON/OFF timing.

Fisher Scientific™ Countdown Controller Products for Science Education

Turn any piece of equipment on or off using countdown feature

Fisher Scientific™ Programmable Repeating Controllers

Turn lab equipment on or off at 30-minute to 7-day intervals. Fisher Scientific Programmable Repeating Controllers program up to 48 unique switchings per day or up to 84 per week.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Countdown Controller

Allows programming up to 196 ON/OFF settings per week with easy-to-use, time-of-day mode.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Walkaway™ Count-up Controllers

Use for timed shutdown or repeated ON/OFF timing. Fisher Scientific Traceable Walkaway Count-up Controllers perform reproducible stirring, heating, or pumping times. Three-pronged grounded receptacle relay control equipment to 120V, 15A, 1800w, 0.33hp.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Digital Outlet Controller

Can be programmed to turn equipment on and off any time of the day in intervals as short as one minute or as long as 168 hours

Spark Timer Products for Science Education

Offers a compact design with high performance.

Spark Tape for Spark Timer Products for Science Education

For use with Nada Scientific Spark Timer.

ChronTrol™ Controllers and Timers

Can be used to operate lights, valves, solenoids, pumps, motors, fans or other equipment

Dimco-Gray GraLab 170 Series Timers

Offers precise timing for industrial and laboratory work—split-second accuracy

Model 451 Electronic Timer/Intervalometer

For use in lab, factory or photographer's studio

Analog Time Controller Products for Science Education

Turns appliances on and off

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Lab Controller and Timer

Controller turns appliances on and off at any programmed time of day.

Fisher Scientific™ Outlet Controller Strips

Available with two unique controllers. Fisher Scientific Outlet Controller Strips have eight-outlet strips which are combined with a 24-hour or 7-day controller—permits turn-on of chemical, water, or air pumps in the sampling process; warming up of instruments at preset times; automated testing, heating, or mixing.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Electronic Programmable Controller

Program up to 14 unique switchings per day allocated over four separate weekly programs. Fisher Scientific Traceable Electronic Programmable Controller includes a day program that allows repeating the same cycle every day of the week, weekdays only, weekends only, or any selected day.