Radiation Classroom Studies

EISCO Crook's Radiometer Products for Science Education

Radiometer comprises partly evacuated glass bulb containing a fine pivot at its centre, which supports 4 light weight metal arms.

Radiometer Products for Science Education

How do the vanes turn under no apparent power?

United Scientific Supplies Radiation Can Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate how two identically sized cans absorb and radiate energy differently.

The Science Source Geiger Stand and Absorbers Products for Science Education

Use with Advanced Radioactivity Set.

Lab-Aids™ Introduction to Radioactivity and Half Life Kit Products for Science Education

Uses simulated plastic radioactive atoms (simulats).

Small Geiger Tube Products for Science Education

End window is recessed about 2cm to prevent breakage.

Crooke's Tube with Deflecting Electrode Plate Products for Science Education

Deflects cathode rays by an electric or magnetic field.

Basic Radioactivity Set Products for Science Education

Calculate the mass absorption of gamma radiation in lead and aluminum.

American Educational Products Irradiated Seed Germ Kit Products for Science Education

Show the effect of radiation on the germination and the growth of plants.

Radioactive Uncalibrated Solid Sources Products for Science Education

Individual 1 in. uncalibrated solid source.

Radioactive Source Set Products for Science Education

Three discs for your experiments and demonstrations.