Electrophoresis Classroom Kits

Edvotek™ Analysis of Restriction Enzyme Cleavage Patterns of DNA Products for Science Education

Observe patterns and frequency of cleavage through agarose gel electrophoresis.

Edvotek™ Demonstration DNA Electrophoresis LabStation™ Products for Science Education

Basic electrophoresis unit suitable for instructor-led presentations.

Edvotek™ Principles of PCR Products for Science Education

Uses gel electrophoresis to gain an understanding of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process and its applications.

Southern Blot Analysis For DNA Fingerprinting Products for Science Education

Advanced-level experiment for DNA fingerprinting.

Diversity of Fish Proteins Kit Products for Science Education

Introductory-level experiment determines relationships between three species of fish based on protein profiles using SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

Isolation of E. Coli Chromosomal DNA Products for Science Education

Isolate chromosomal DNA from E. Coli.

Immunoelectrophoresis Kit Products for Science Education

Intermediate level experiment uses immunoelectrophoresis to separate and characterize a mixture of proteins.

Edvotek™ Mapping of Restriction Sites on Plasmid DNA Products for Science Education

Perform electrophoresis of plasmid DNA in parallel with standard DNA markers.

Edvotek™ In Search of the Cancer Gene Products for Science Education

Track cancer formation and genetic patterns.

Edvotek™ Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Products for Science Education

Introduce basic concepts and procedures of agarose gel electrophoresis with this complete experiment.

Edvotek™ DNA Fingerprinting: Identification of DNA by Restriction Fragmentation Patterns Products for Science Education

Reveals techniques used in forensic and medical procedures.

Edvotek™ Micropipetting Basics Products for Science Education

Pipetting is a critical skill necessary for the accuracy that is essential in scientific experiments.

Edvotek™ PCR Bath Products for Science Education

Economical unit for classroom PCR experiments.

Edvotek™ AIDS Kit II: Simulation of HIV Detection by Western Blot Products for Science Education

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the molecular biology and pathogenesis of AIDS.

Edvotek™ In Search of the Sickle Cell Gene by Southern Blot Products for Science Education

Use Southern blots to detect mutations while gaining insight about the effects of sickle cell anemia.

In Search of the Kissing Disease Products for Science Education

Infectious mononucleosis is common among young people of high school and college age.

ELISA: HIV/AIDS Test Simulation Products for Science Education

Investigate the principles behind AIDS testing and the immunological principle that antibodies bind to specific antigens.

Investigating Inheritance Patterns Products for Science Education

Study the DNA fingerprints of Russian Czar Nicolas II's family.

Electrophoresis Electro Lab Station III Products for Science Education

With latest electrophoresis technology for use in classroom laboratory.

Understanding Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Products for Science Education

Learn about the basic concepts and techniques of electrophoresis.

Edvotek™ DuoSource™ Power Source Products for Science Education

Fully compatible with all Edvotek electrophoresis units.

Horizontal Mini-Gel Productivity Kit Products for Science Education

Increase productivity with external gel caster with extra comb and gel tray.