Nucleic Acid EPP Loading Buffers

Promega™ Blue/Orange Loading Dye, 6X

For loading DNA samples onto nondenaturing gels

Promega™ Block and Sample 5X Buffer

Optimized for use in the Emax™ ImmunoAssay Systems for BDNF, GDNF, NGF and NT-3

Promega™ Labeling 5X Buffer

Contains random synthetic hexadeoxynucleotide primers for random-primed labeling of linear template DNA with radionucleotides

Promega™ 5X Colorless GoTaq™ Flexi Buffer

Samples can be loaded directly onto gels without the need for loading dye

Lonza Formaldehyde Sample Buffer

Ideal when samples are to be recovered from agarose gels

Lonza Ficoll™ DNA Loading Buffer, 6X

Ideal for improving resolution and separation of DNA fragments