Audio Visual Equipment

Luna™ Interactive Projection Camera Products for Science Education

Boosts students' 21st century skills and helps teachers reach beyond traditional teaching methods.

Smart Solution Technologies™ Elmo Teaching Tool Products for Science Education

Popular w/teachers because of it's simple “plug and play” connection options, ability to display 3 dimensional objects, documents and anything can be put on the stage.

Smart Solution Technologies™ Series Digital Projectors: Model NP300 Products for Science Education

Affordable with essential features, designed to provide brilliant display of information in meeting and conference rooms.

Microscope Eyepiece Camera Products for Science Education

Ideal companion to the EDU micro-environmental system.

Office Depot™ Quartet™ IdeaShare™ Boards Products for Science Education

Capture notes and images from the boards using electronic imaging technology.

Office Depot™ Quartet™ Super Brite Lightweight Tripod™ Projection Screens Products for Science Education

Ultra-reflective, high-gain screen surface provides 50% more brightness than conventional screens.

SMART Board™ 600 Series Interactive Whiteboards Products for Science Education

Combines a flexible pen-and-finger system with legendary ease of use.

SMART Board™ Interactive White Boards Products for Science Education

Simply touch the screen to highlight key points, access applications and Web sites, and write notes in electronic ink.

Easi-Speak™ Digital Microphone Products for Science Education

Fun-and-easy wireless microphone encourages even reluctant students to speak up.

SMART™ UF75 Series Projectors Products for Science Education

Wall-mounted, high-offset projector engine compatible with SMART Board 600/800 Series interactive whiteboards.

Talk Block™ Products for Science Education

Recordable, multisensory block reaches beyond simple listening and speaking practice.

Talk Point™ Products for Science Education

Simple recorder buttons put speaking and listening opportunities right in students' hands!

Talk Board™ Products for Science Education

Take learning further by combining audio, visual and tactile experiences in one easy-to-use format!

InFocus X2 Multi-Use DLP Projector Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use projector expands presentation options.

Epson™ PowerLite™ S3 Multimedia LCD Projector Products for Science Education

High-quality images from a compact, affordable LCD projector.