Educational Electroscopes and Van de Graff Generators

Motor-Driven van de Graaff Generator Products for Science Education

For experiments in which a continuous source of high voltage is required.

EISCO Motor-Driven Van De Graaff Generator Products for Science Education

Specially designed for electrostatic experiments and where continuous source of high voltage is required.

EISCO Hand-Driven Van de Graaff Generator Products for Science Education

Exciting demonstration of electrostatics.

EISCO Demonstration Electroscope Products for Science Education

Electroscope for demonstration of static potentials. Includes a charging ball plus a set of condenser plates with insulated rod.

EISCO Leyden Jar Products for Science Education

Convenient for many electrostatic demonstrations.

EISCO Gold Leaf Electroscope, Flask Type Products for Science Education

A gold leaf electroscope measures potential difference between the leaf and the base.

EISCO Hand-Driven Van de Graaff Generator: Spare Belts Products for Science Education

Spare belts for Hand-Driven Van de Graaff Generator.

EISCO Table Top Tesla Coil Products for Science Education

Demonstrate unusual properties of high-frequency electrical phenomena.

Pith Electroscope Products for Science Education

Great demonstration of electrostatics.

EISCO Gold Leaf Electroscope Products for Science Education

Rectangular casted metal case and polythene insulated lid with finger flap to facilitate removal and front glass window.

EISCO Electrical Whirl Products for Science Education

For demonstrating the effect of electric discharge from points.

EISCO Electroscope Kit Products for Science Education

For electroscope experiments and other related studies.

3B Scientific™ Kolbe's Electroscope Products for Science Education

Quantitative electroscope allows you to take readings of charge magnitude. The 3B Kolbe's Electroscope is suitable for shadow projection, for use in classroom demonstration experiments.

EISCO Bell Demonstration Model Products for Science Education

With clearly visible functional parts.

GSC Electroscope Foil Products for Science Education

A 12 pack of foil to be used with the electroscope. This electroscope foil works great as a replacement for all GSC electroscopes.

Lightning Leaper Products for Science Education

Watch electricity leap.

Science First™ Small Van de Graaff Generator, 200kV: Replacement Belt Products for Science Education

Replacement belt for Small Van de Graaff Generator, 200kV.

Electrostatics Materials Products for Science Education

Support individual electrostatic experiments for class size up to 24 students.

Volta's Hailstorm Products for Science Education

Create a tempest in a teapot.

Science First™ Electroscope Products for Science Education

Detects the presence and magnitude of electric charge.

High-Frequency Tesla Coil Products for Science Education

Safe source of high-frequency, high-voltage electricity.

Marsh Resistance Board Set Products for Science Education

Ideal for showing resistivity of different gauge wires

GSC Deluxe Metal Case Electroscope Products for Science Education

Deluxe, high quality Electroscope. Offers a large viewing area and built in scale for measuring the charge generation.

Quantitative Electroscope Products for Science Education

Ideal for student electrostatic experiments.

Ball and Snake Demo Products for Science Education

Great for the classroom.

Coulomb's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Experiment with electrical forces and charges.

Deluxe Van de Graaff Generator Products for Science Education

Demonstrates electrostatic phenomena.

Discharge Wands Products for Science Education

For small and large Van de Graaff generators.

Flying Ball and Silver Snake Products for Science Education

Use with a Van de Graaff generator to demonstrate electrostatics.

GSC International Neon Wand Products for Science Education

Discover why neon gas can be so fascinating.