Simple Microscopes

Fisher Scientific™ Illuminated Pocket Microscopes

A single mechanism generates a smooth and rock-solid focus

American Educational Products Illuminated Pocket Microscope Products for Science Education

Great for use in the classroom and to take along on field trips.

GeoVision™ MicroPro™ 48-piece Microscope Set Products for Science Education

For investigating everything from cells to crystals.

MicroMax™ Microscopes Products for Science Education

Fit easily in your pocket to take anywhere.

MicroBrite Microscope Products for Science Education

20x-40x pocket zoom microscope

Discovery Scope Products for Science Education

Science on the go!

Fisher Science Education™ Elementary Simple Prism Microscope Products for Science Education

Teach microscopy on a limited budget: this unique mirrored prism channels light to the objective.

GeoSafari™ Tuff Scope Trio Package Products for Science Education

This tough-stuff trio can handle whatever your class dishes out!

Lab Microscope Products for Science Education

Provides students with a lab-quality classroom science experience.

Brock Magiscope™ Products for Science Education

Simple design of this durable scope yields extraordinarily crisp, bright images.