Spectrometer Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ Spectronic™ High-Resolution Spectral Libraries

Reference spectra to verfiy materials and identify unknown samples

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad Rotor and Caps for Bruker MAS Probe

Eliminate the need to solvate with MAS rotors manufactured from the highest purity Zirconia. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad MAS Rotors provide the ultimate solution for analysis of solid samples. Available for most present solid state NMR spectrometers.

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ 150mL Suprasil Offset Nitrogen Dewar Flask for Bruker

Designed for cavities that have limited space between the reservoir and the drive shaft for iris. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ 150mL Suprasil Offset Nitrogen Dewar Flasks provide a convenient alternative to VT systems for studies at 77 K, and are silvered around the reservoir.

Thermo Scientific™ Golden Gate ATR for Nicolet™ iS5 FT-IR Spectrometer

This versatile infrared sampling accessory is fast, sensitive, and robust

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ NMR Tube pH Electrode

Measure pH range from 0 to 14 inside an NMR sample with this electrode. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ NMR Tube pH Electrodes are compatible with 5mm Thin Walled NMR tubes.

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart™ Sipper Accessories

Get the most out of your Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Spectrophotometer with a wide selection of Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart™ Sipper Accessories.

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ WIlmad™ OmniFit™ Valve NMR System

Designed for easy injection of chemicals through a gas-tight syringe for air sensitive samples without using a glove box. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ WIlmad™ OmniFit™ Valve NMR System is comprised of a 5mm end cap, 2-way valve, septum with cap, barrel coupler and a vacuum connector.

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ Bottom Plug for 3.2mm MAS Rotor

Designed for use with MAS Rotors. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ Bottom Plug for 3.2mm MAS Rotor features a Vespal composition and works with applications ranging in temperature from -30° to 70°:C.

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ Pyrex™ MAS Rotor Inserts

Designed for air-sensitive samples and semi-solid samples such as gels or highly viscous liquids. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ Pyrex™ MAS Rotor Inserts allow samples to be sealed into an NMR rotor by heat-seal or epoxy.

Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ 4.0mm Solid State NMR Rotor Cap Remover

Eliminate possible damage of the cap and rotor with this zero turn cap remover. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad™ 4.0mm Solid State NMR Rotor Cap Remover simplifies removal of end caps and base plugs in solid state NMR.

Thermo Scientific™ Crystal Plates and Spare Parts for the Thermo Scientific™ iD7 ATR Accessory

Choose the crystal plate to meet specific application and budget requirements

Wilmad Luer Lock Syringe Needles

Designed for easy sample loading with Luer Lock syringes, these needles are available in stainless steel or PTFE. Bel-Art SP Scienceware™ Wilmad Luer Lock Syringe Needles are ideal for puncturing septum in air-sensitive samples.

Thermo Scientific™ iD5 ZnSe ATR for Nicolet™ iS5 FT-IR Spectrometer

High-performance singlebounce ZnSe ATR sample accessory for FTIR. Ideal for fast, reproducible sampling of solids, liquids, films, pastes, or gels.

Thermo Scientific™ iD5 ATR Accessory for the Nicolet™ iS5

An ultra-high performance ATR accessory for FT-IR spectrometers

SPEX™ SamplePrep Disposable XRF X-Cell™ Sample Cups Window Film Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Strong and durable window film. SPEX SamplePrep Disposable XRF X-Cell Sample Cups Window Film covers the cell and serves as the sample window, allowing uniform transmission of X-rays.

SPEX™ SamplePrep Disposable XRF Spec-Cap™ Sample Cups Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Aluminum cups aid in the production of pressed-powder sample discs for XRF.