Laboratory Bench Components

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Robotics Vice Products for Science Education

Hold your robotics components safely and securly while working with the Diversified Woodcrafts™ Robotics Vice. With a base made to swivel allowing precision of work, this vice is ideal for any bot bench.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Clamp Mount Outlet Products for Science Education

Keep your laptops, tablets, tools, or other mobile computing devices charged. Diversified Woodcrafts™ Clamp Mount Outlet will add instant convenient AC power and USB charging accessibility to work surface.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Magnetic Tool Holder Products for Science Education

Used to organize hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. Diversified Woodcrafts™ Magnetic Tool Holder is perfect for use for tools on Vex Robotics bench.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Medical Treatment Bench Products for Science Education

Add the perfect table for teaching medical procedures to your facility. With it's universal design, the Diversified Woodcrafts Medical Treatment Bench is suitable for utilization in a school for medical procedure training, as an actual hospital nursing station, or it can even double as a recovery station.