DNA Models

EISCO Chromosome Products for Science Education

Model of chromosome helps in studying various features.

3B Scientific™ RNA 12-Base Kit Products for Science Education

Provides hands-on investigation into protein synthesis

Kemtec™ DNA Model with Paint Kit Products for Science Education

Enhance lectures or labs with this model enlarged 100 million times (scale 10cm × 1nm).

3B Scientific™ DNA Double Helix Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates three coils of a DNA double helix with base pairing.

DNA Model Kit Products for Science Education

Accurately depicts a 16-base-pair section of DNA.

DNA Model Products for Science Education

Pre-assembled DNA model built to a scale of 10cm to 1nm.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

DNA and Sugar-Phosphate Molecular Model Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to make the complex structure of molecules easy to visualize and understand.

Lab-Aids™ Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication Products for Science Education

Construct a double helix of the DNA molecule. Lab-Aids Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication is a basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA using simple components developed exclusively by Lab-Aids™.

Giant Hands-On DNA Model Products for Science Education

Towering nearly three feet tall, this DNA model is ideal for presentations or hands-on investigations.

Modeling DNA Structure and the Process of Replication Products for Science Education

Model the structure of DNA using color-coded parts.

RNA-Protein Synthesis Model Products for Science Education

Explains the process of replication.

Snap-Together DNA Model Kit Products for Science Education

Enough parts to form two complete models.

DNA Depot™ Colored DNA Bead Necklace Products for Science Education

Colored beads can represent DNA bases (A, T, G, C).

American Educational Products DNA/RNA Protein Kit Products for Science Education

Realistically illustrate protein synthesis, DNA replication, Lac Operon, mitosis, meiosis and more with this innovative set of magnetic model pieces.

Altay Scientific™ Double Helix DNA (B-DNA) Models Products for Science Education

Demonstrate distinctive features of double-stranded DNA structure and topology.