Patient Care Simulators

3B Scientific™ Advanced Patient Care Female Catheterization Simulator Products for Science Education

Female lower torso with realistic vulval area and urethral opening to train students on catheterization procedures.

3B Scientific™ Episiotomy Suturing Simulator Products for Science Education

Provides realistic way for students to learn suturing techniques.

3B Scientific™ Intramuscular Injection Simulators Products for Science Education

Practice intramuscular injections without a real patient.

3B Scientific™ Basic Patient Care Manikin Products for Science Education

Allows practice of most training applications from basic to elderly patient care.

3B Scientific™ Advanced Patient Care Male Catheterization Simulator Products for Science Education

Male lower torso with realistic penis and scrotum to train students on catheterization procedures.

3B Scientific™ Suture Practice Arm and Leg Products for Science Education

Simulated limbs with soft vinyl skin over stitchable foam provide a life-like suturing experience for students.

3B Scientific™ Skull with Teeth for Extraction Products for Science Education

Ideal for dental and medical students.

3B Scientific™ Nurse Training Baby, Newborn Products for Science Education

Allows trainees to practice both basic and medical infant care.

3B Scientific™ Life/form™ Episiotomy Suturing Simulators Products for Science Education

Portable, lifelike textured simulator provides realistic way for students to learn good surgical techniques.

3B Scientific™ I.V. Injection Arm Products for Science Education

Allows realistic training to teach competence to medical staff.

3B Scientific™ Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator Products for Science Education

Long torso helps to learn bandaging around the body over the uninvolved hip at the level of iliac crest.

3B Scientific™ Intravenous Injection Hand Products for Science Education

Ideal for students to practice injection and develop manipulation skills.

3B Scientific™ Advanced Patient Care Male Prostate Simulator Products for Science Education

Simulator with four interchangeable modules to help students understand various types of prostate abnormalities.

3B Scientific™ Little Anne™ AED Training System Products for Science Education

Offers all the essential features necessary for learning adult CPR, defibrillation and defibrillator pad placement.

3B Scientific™ Intramuscular Injection Pad Products for Science Education

Simple trainer that simulates muscle tissue.

3B Scientific™ Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator Products for Science Education

Helps learn to bandage the upper body.

3B Scientific™ Suture Practice Arm Dark Skin

Arm with soft vinyl skin over foam allows hundreds of suture practice sessions.

3B Scientific™ Airway Management Trainer with Stand Products for Science Education

Ideal for practicing airway management skills.

3B Scientific™ Auscultation Trainer and Smartscope Complete Package with Amplifiers Products for Science Education

Simulator to train auscultation of various heart and lung sounds as in real patient.

Nasco Accessories and Replacement Parts for Manikins Products for Science Education

Accessories and replacement parts for CPARLENE™ Manikins.

Simulaids™ Adam Basic Training Torso

Lightweight, portable manikin built for long-lasting use

Simulaids™ Adult Brad™ CPR Training Manikin

Economical CPR manikin constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam

Nasco CPR Prompt™ Training and Practice Manikin - TPAK 100 Adult/Child Products for Science Education

Design for practice of Heimlich maneuver and abdominal thrusts, as well as CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing.

Simulaids™ Trauma Moulage Kit

Enhance your speed and expertise in dealing with trauma patients

Nasco Life/form™ Lubricant Kit Products for Science Education

For use with catheterization simulators.

Simulaids Original CPR Newborn Manikins Products for Science Education

Air-filled, but can be filled with water to simulate the weight and feel of real children.

Rescue Technology General-Purpose “Ruth Lee” Rescue Training Manikins

Rugged and realistic in size, weight distribution and handling characteristics

Nasco Life/form™ Basic Buddy™ CPR Manikin Products for Science Education

Dramatic, inexpensive and state-of-the-art manikin designed for teaching individuals or large groups the life-saving techniques of CPR.

Simulaids™ Complete ALS Full-Body Trainer

Use with manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators