Momentum and Energy Apparatus

Eisco™ Ballistic Pendulum Products for Science Education

The Ballistic Pendulum contains everything needed to measure the momentum of a projected object.

3B Scientific™ Air Flow Apparatus Products for Science Education

For demonstrating air flow patterns around bodies of different shapes.

Hydrocar Products for Science Education

New design offers futuristic feel for what transportation could look like in the next decades

EISCO Physics Photo Cell Unit Products for Science Education

Applying knowledge of solar energy in a practical experiment way.

Pendulum Clamps Products for Science Education

Connect to any support rod to set up three separate pendulum demonstrations.

United Scientific Supplies Thermoelectric Effects Apparatus Products for Science Education

Allows the thermal behavior of a resistor, thermistor, and thermocouple to be studied, as well as a closed loop control system.

United Scientific Supplies Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus Products for Science Education

Oil drop experiment for measuring the electron charge.

Science First™ Density Cube Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates density experiment in a dozen ways.

Plastic Beads Products for Science Education

Designed for low friction.

Lab-Aids™ Converting Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy Products for Science Education

This kit introduces students to the concepts of kinetic and gravitational potential energy and conversion of one form of energy into another.

Energy Transformation Apparatus Products for Science Education

See how electrical energy is coverted to mechanical energy

Ballistics Pendulum Products for Science Education

Shows relation between kinetic and potential energy.

American Educational Products Impact Car Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the momentum changes of varying mass with a visual measure of force.

Puck Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates collisions in two dimensions.

Lab-Aids™ Measuring Energy Efficiency Products for Science Education

An opportunity for students to measure and understand energy efficiency. Lab-Aids™ Measuring Energy Efficiency helps students investigate energy transformations and explore the efficiency of these transformations

GSC International Boyle's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Provides an accurate, quantitative result for pressure/volume or air at constant temperatures.

American Educational Products Wind Turbine Products for Science Education

Exciting kit for students to build and test a fully-functional wind turbine.

GSC Energy Transfer Demonstration

Investigate the transfer of heat between hot and cold liquids. The GSC Energy Transfer Demonstration allows students to observe heat being transferred through an aluminum bar between two calorimeters by measuring the temperatures over time in each.

GSC Heat Radiation Demonstration

Measure temperature against time and observe the effect of color on the rapidity of temperature increase. The GSC Heat Radiation Demonstration makes it easy to study what happens when heat reaches a destination.

3B Scientific™ Segner Turbine Products for Science Education

Useful for demonstrating the conversion of hydrostatic pressure to rotary motion

American Educational Products Loop the Loop Products for Science Education

Demonstrate centripetal acceleration.

Vernier KidWind Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets Products for Science Education

For College, High School, and Middle School Science students to explore Bernoulli's principle.

Vernier KidWind Drivetrain Set Products for Science Education

To connect wind turbine hub to a nacelle during experiments.

Vernier KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Discover advanced concepts of wind turbine technology by testing different blade designs, gear ratios, generators, and devices to measure electrical and weightlifting power.

Vernier KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Nacelle Products for Science Education

Enables number of advanced experiments, especially with GENPack generator module.

Vernier KidWind Dowels

Used for designing and testing wind turbine blades and fit into Wind Turbine Hub

Vernier KidWind Balsa Blade Sheets Products for Science Education

Lightweight and stiff, suitable for making experimental wind turbine blades.