Rotational Motion Apparatus

Eisco™ Premium Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

This can be used both as a demonstration for the conservation of angular momentum or as exercise equipment.

EISCO Hand Held Centripetal Force Kit Products for Science Education

Provides necessary tools to discover properties of rotational dynamics.

3B Scientific™ Stainless-Steel Rod Products for Science Education

Constructed from straight, noncorrosive stainless steel.

EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle

Demonstrate principles of angular momentum. The EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle is an excellent, inexpensive apparatus for experiments in precession, inertial guidance, and gyroscopic stabilization.

EISCO Gyroscope

The EISCO Gyroscope is carefully balanced, and completely fitted on a stand.

3B Scientific™ Supplementary Kit for Rotating System on Air Bed Products for Science Education

For investigating frictionless rotational motion and oscillations using a large rotating disc.

EISCO Maxwell Wheel Apparatus With Easy Adjustment

Demonstrate rotational inertial. The EISCO Maxwell Wheel Apparatus With Easy Adjustment is constructed of a heavy wooden base and solid metal fly wheel.

3B Scientific™ Turn Table for Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

Rotatory platform used with bicycle-wheel gyroscope.

Gyro Studies Lab Stool Kit Products for Science Education

Unique lab stool has a turntable built into the seat.

Moment of Inertia Products for Science Education

Explore the concept of moment of inertia with wands and rings of equal mass but different distribution of mass.

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope and Rotating Platform Products for Science Education

Bring gyroscopic forces to life.

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

Excellent for demonstration of gyroscopic effects.

Rotating Platform Products for Science Education

Versatile turntable demonstrates a variety of fascinating rotation principles.

Science First™ Curvature of Space and Time Apparatus Products for Science Education

Simulates the gravitational behavior of objects.

1/15hp Electric Rotator Products for Science Education

Rotate everything from a siren disc to a centrifuge bowl

GSC Precision Gyroscope

A fun and educational apparatus that demonstrates the properties of gyroscopes. The GSC Precision Gyroscope is a fascinating mechanical device that seems to defy the laws of gravity. This is a well-balanced, high quality gyroscope with adjustable bearings. The unit includes a plastic gimbals, rocker and pivoting housing, the gyroscope and cord.

American Educational Products Simple Form Gyroscope Products for Science Education

A simple way to demonstrate bodies in motion.

American Educational Products Maxwell's Wheel Products for Science Education

Explore gravitational momentum.

Bill Nye's Extreme Gyro Products for Science Education

Let Bill Nye show you the science of spin!

PowerWheel Bundle Products for Science Education

Demonstrate lessons about energy, hydropower and other renewable sources of energy with this amazing micro-hydro generator.

Rattleback Products for Science Education

Spin it and see what happens

3B Scientific™ Rotating System on Air Bed Products for Science Education

Apparatus for investigating frictionless rotation.

3B Scientific™ Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

Demonstrates conversion of angular momentum.

Centripetal Force Apparatus Products for Science Education

Hanging in the balance — measuring centripetal force.

Gyroscope Products for Science Education

Precision gyroscope will fascinate students