Simple Machine Apparatus

EISCO Gear Rack Model Products for Science Education

Simple gear and rack system demonstrates how gears turn rotational motion into translational motion.

EISCO Screw Model Products for Science Education

Square top allows easy measurement of the distance screw top is turned compared to its distance into the board.

3B Scientific™ Pendulum with Plotting Electrode Products for Science Education

Cylindrical pendulum bob with sliding plotter electrode for experiments to confirm Kepler's law governing areas covered by a body subject to a central force that can be demonstrated by means of powder tracing.

EISCO Fulcrum Balance Model Products for Science Education

Illustrates how variations to the fulcrum distance affect the mechanical advantage.

EISCO Block and Tackle Model Products for Science Education

Watch how this simple device lifts large loads with little effort using multiple pulleys.

EISCO Inclined Plane and Cart Model Products for Science Education

Elegantly designed wooden machine for easy student use.

EISCO Lever Model Products for Science Education

Discover the power of levers.

EISCO Inclined Plane and Friction Board Products for Science Education

Ideal apparatus to investigate sliding friction.

EISCO 3/4 in. Drilled Steel Ball

The EISCO 3/4 in. Drilled Steel Ball can be used for collision and pendulum demonstrations.

EISCO Gear Train Model Products for Science Education

Sturdy wooden construction is ideal for hands-on classroom use.

EISCO 1 in. Drilled Hardwood Ball

The EISCO 1 in. Drilled Hardwood Ball can be used for collision and pendulum demonstrations.

3B Scientific™ Free Fall Apparatus Products for Science Education

Easy to set up and use; highly accurate

Four-Stroke Gas and Diesel Engines Products for Science Education

Air-cooled, side-valve four-stroke engines for gas or diesel.

EISCO Wheel and Axle Model Products for Science Education

Learn how this simple machine reduces the force needed to move a load.

EISCO Hall's Carriage

The EISCO Hall's Carriage is a great tool that is useful for teaching students about dynamics when used in conjunction with an incline plane. One piece plastic body with facility to add weights on the top.

Eisco™ Assorted Metal Cubes

Set of six cubes.

Basic Inclined Plane Products for Science Education

Designed specially for students.

EISCO 1 in. Drilled Steel Ball

The EISCO 1 in. Drilled Steel Ball can be used for collision and pendulum demonstrations.

EISCO Pulley Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how the use of several pulleys can increase mechanical advantage.

Fisher Science Education Wheatstone Bridge Products for Science Education

Substantial bridge with brass strips mounted on hardwood base.

Fisher Science Education Lenz Law Demonstration Apparatus Products for Science Education

Open and closed loop used to demonstrate the induction of an magnetic field.

Eisco Wimshurst Machine Brush

Replacement brush for Wimshurst machine.

EISCO Wedge Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how a wedge can increase mechanical advantage.

EISCO Motion Converter Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how rotational motion can be converted into linear motion similar to power train systems.

Fisher Science Education Adjustable Clamp Pulley Products for Science Education

To demonstrate wide variety of mechanics principles.

3B Scientific™ Economy Ballistic Pendulum Products for Science Education

Study the laws of conservation of momentum and the trajectory path.

Deluxe Intermediate Inclined Plane Products for Science Education

Fully assembled physics lab features an inclined plane with hinged base and pulley.

3B Scientific™ Mechanics Student Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for carrying out 23 student experiments in classical mechanics.