Sound Apparatus

3B Scientific™ Graduated Monochord Products for Science Education

Investigate the pitch of vibrating strings as a function of their tension, length, and thickness.

Fisher Science Education Sonometer Wire Products for Science Education

With ends looped ready for use.

Fisher Science Education Simple Resonance Tube Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the principles of resonance without requiring a water column or other apparatus.

Fisher Science Education Wave Demonstration Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrates both longitudinal and transverse wave motions.

3B Scientific™ Resonance Bowl Products for Science Education

Unique, historic way to demonstrate standing waves

Eisco™ Tuning Fork Octave Set Products for Science Education

For teaching octaves

3B Scientific™ Helmholtz Resonator Products for Science Education

Hollow glass bulb with a narrow tube leading out for demonstrating acoustic resonance.

EISCO Doppler Effect Demonstration Apparatus

Load batteries, swing the device in a full circular motion experience the doppler effect first hand. The EISCO Doppler Effect Demonstration Apparatus is the perfect demonstration of the Doppler effect in a classroom.

EISCO Tuning Forks, Set of Eight Products for Science Education

Demonstrate eight different frequencies with one set.

3B Scientific™ Resonance Ring Products for Science Education

Demonstrates vibration knots in determination of different frequencies.

Fisher Science Education Resonance Apparatus Products for Science Education

Acrylic tube mounted on retort stand.

Fisher Science Education Three-Wire Pattern Sonometer Products for Science Education

Hollow wooden sounding box with scales between fixed bridges.

3B Scientific™ Kundts Tube Products for Science Education

Demonstrate standing sound waves using this glass tube and calculate wavelengths of sound using a method devised by Kundt.

3B Scientific™ Tuning Forks Set Products for Science Education

For experiments in acoustics

Guinea and Feather Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the presence of a vacuum.

EISCO Resonant Tuning Fork Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates acoustical resonance and sympathetic vibration.

EISCO Melde's Apparatus Products for Science Education

Designed to show the effects of vibrations in a stretched cord, and investigate the relationship between frequency, tension and density.

3B Scientific™ Electric Doorbell Products for Science Education

Demonstrates electro-magnetic operation and verifies that sound waves do not propagate in fine vacuum.

EISCO Hammer For Tuning Forks

The EISCO Hammer For Tuning Forks is great for student use.

United Scientific Supplies Morse Code Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to show the principle of a telegraph.

Tuning Forks Products for Science Education

Frequency and scale letter are stamped on each fork.

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks Products for Science Education

Harmonious chords familiar to piano players!

GSC Go Science Crazy Wave Demonstration Kit

A mesmerizing demonstration of wave patterns

Resonance Tube Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the principles of resonance

Tuning Fork Mallet Products for Science Education

Suitable for use on all tuning forks