Plants and Animals

Edvotek Quick Plants™ Seeds Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

From seed to flower in 6-7 weeks.

Edvotek™ Brassica Quick Plant™ Seeds Products for Science Education

Quick-growing seeds encourage hands-on classroom activities.

Carolina™ Fruit Flies Products for Science Education

Drosophila are small flies, typically pale yellow to reddish brown to black, with red eyes.

Carolina™ Wild-Type Drosophila Products for Science Education

The wild-type, Oregon R strain of Drosophila is the standard "red eye" fruit fly.

Carolina™ Drosophila Chromosome 1 Mutants Products for Science Education

Students can easily study the sex-linked, recessive and dominant mutations.

Carolina™ Introductory Bacteria Sets Products for Science Education

Three bacteria tube cultures representing the common bacterial shapes of rods, spheres and spirals.

Carolina™ Monocot Seeds Products for Science Education

Species were selected because of their good germination rates.

Carolina™ Drosophila Chromosome 2 Mutants Products for Science Education

One of the most widely used model organisms in the world, these flies express a number of eye, wing and other mutations that are easy to see.

Carolina™ Turbo Snails Products for Science Education

These peaceful and fun-to-watch marine snails make an excellent addition to your marine aquarium's cleanup crew.

Carolina™ Moth Cocoons Products for Science Education

Amaze your class with cocoons from one of the large saturniid moths.

Carolina™ Bran Meal Products for Science Education

Use to culture mealworms and darkling beetles.

Carolina™ Individual Bacterial Cultures (A-C) Products for Science Education

Bacteria cultures have wide applications in the food and chemical industries because of their highly diverse metabolic activities.

Carolina™ General Seed Set Products for Science Education

A great way to introduce germination to students.

Carolina™ Barnacle Cluster Products for Science Education

Barnacles are encrusters; they attach themselves permanently to hard substrates.

Carolina™ Hornworm Larvae Products for Science Education

Watch complete metamorphosis as you observe the life cycle of the hornworm.

Carolina™ Venus Flytrap Products for Science Education

The most spectacular of the carnivorous plants.

Carolina™ Zebra Fish Products for Science Education

A small, very active, egg-laying fish with horizontal stripes.

Carolina™ Land Hermit Crabs Products for Science Education

As the hermit crab grows in size, it has to find a larger shell and abandon the previous one.

Carolina™ Bean Beetle Culture Products for Science Education

This easy-to-maintain beetle culture is ideal for use in a variety of reproductive behavior studies.

Carolina™ Rotting Wood Products for Science Education

Suitable food source for bessbugs and for use in woodland terrariums.

Carolina™ Dicot Seeds Products for Science Education

Dicots are the flowering plants whose seed typically has two embryonic leaves or cotyledons.

Carolina™ Independent Assortment Drosophila Set Products for Science Education

A popular fly set used for genetic studies.

Carolina™ Drosophila Chromosome 3 Mutants Products for Science Education

One of the most widely used model organisms in the world, Drosophila express a number of eye, wing and other mutations that are easy to see.

Carolina™ Marine Hermit Crab Products for Science Education

These omnivorous or herbivorous species can be useful in your marine classroom aquarium as scavengers, as they eat algae and debris.

Carolina™ Zebrina Products for Science Education

This plant roots easily and grows rapidly.

Carolina™ Freshwater Euglena Culture Products for Science Education

Euglena is an example of a unicellular flagellate.

Carolina™ Protozoa Survey Mixture Products for Science Education

The protozoan body consists of a single cell, but it is a mistake to think of these organisms as simple.

Carolina™ Hermit Crab Food Products for Science Education

Feed your Hermit Crab!

Carolina™ Confused Flour Beetles Products for Science Education

Small brown beetle about 3mm in length.

Carolina™ Milkweed Bug Products for Science Education

Oncopeltus fasciatus are attractively colored bugs that have been extensively used in research ranging from biochemistry to behavior.