Decontamination Showers and Shelters

Air Boss™ Defense IRT Outdoor Negative Pressure Isolation Shelters

Isolation chamber ensures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and rapid deployment

Air Boss™ Defense IRT Water Storage Bladders

Effectively collect wastewater runoff from IRT decontamination shelters

Mintie™ Environmental Containment Unit (ECU): Negative Air Machine

For use with Mintie Environmental Containment Unit

Mintie™ ECU2™ Containment Unit Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Indoor mass airborne isolation without binding modifications

Air Boss™ Defense IRT Floor Riser

Provides elevation grid for decon drainage for IRT shelters

Mintie™ Environmental Containment Unit (ECU): Prefilter Pad Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Replacement filter for use with Mintie Environmental Containment Unit

Air Boss™ Defense IRT Air Heater Accessories

For use with AH-125 and AH-150 Air Heaters