Decontamination Showers and Shelters

DHS Systems DRASH™ XB Shelter Series

Available in various dimension of usable space depending on model and variant

DHS Systems DRASH™ S Series Shelters

Available in various dimension of usable space depending on model and variant

IRT Water Storage Bladders

Effectively collect wastewater runoff from IRT decontamination shelters

IRT Air Heater Accessories

For use with AH-125 and AH-150 Air Heaters

TVI Bio-Isolation Retrofit Kits for Decon and Casualty Management Shelters

Kits extend your capacity to isolate patients using existing shelter units

IRT Outdoor Negative Pressure Isolation Shelters

Isolation chamber ensures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and rapid deployment

IRT Handheld Sprayer

With quick connect

TVI Corporation Consequence Response Decontamination Shelters

For emergency response and consequences management personnel

Advanced Containment System VersiHeat II™ Portable Diesel Water Heater

Compact portable blending diesel fired water heater

DRASH™ Mobile Field Shower Systems

Establish shower facilities anywhere, any time

Advanced Containment Systems Sure Clean Showers

Ideal for level “A” gross decontamination

IRT Flash Heater with Injection System

Diesel-fired water heater provides warm water showers with soapy water for effective decontamination

DHS Systems DRASH™ Fatality Management Shelter

Serves as temporary location in field for identification, processing, storage and viewing of casualties following disaster or emergency

IRT High-Capacity Decon System

For rapid and effective on-site NBC decontamination of personnel and with maximum flexibility for multiple decontamination set-ups