Fire Hoses and Nozzles

All-American Hose™ Conquest™ Attack/Supply Hose

Suitable for C.A.F.S. and foam concentrates

Reeves™ 50-Ft. Fire Hose

Double-jacket construction reduces weight and increases flexibility

All-American Hose™ N-Dura™ Attack Hose

Suitable for C.A.F.S. and foam solution applications

All-American Hose™ HFX Attack/Supply Hose

Provides tough cover that resists heat, abrasion, snags, and hot embers

Kochek Suction Hose, PVC with NST Long Handle F Rocker Lug M

Low temperature PVC compounds maintain high flexibility from -40° through +150°F

All-American Hose™ Supreme™ Attack Hose

For use as heavy duty attack hose

All-American Hose™ Dura-Pak Attack Hose

For frontline attack duties, C.A.F.S. and foam concentrate applications

All-American Hose™ LD Hi-Rise Hose

Manufactured using unique process that permanently bonds nylon reinforcement to nitrile

ZICO™ Quic-Bridge™ Hose Guard Bridge Set

Easy-to-assemble apparatus keeps vehicles' tires from coming into contact with hose lines

Snap-Tite™ Dura-Light Industrial Hoses

Industrial fire hose to suit your needs