Firefighting Hose Nozzles and Accessories

Akron Brass™ Straight Tips

Features straight tip nozzle

Akron Brass™ Navy Shipboard Vari-Nozzles

Corrosion-resistant brass nozzles designed for shipboard use

Akron Brass™ Assault Nozzle

Combines the benefits of an automatic nozzle with the simplicity of a single gallonage nozzle

Akron Brass™ SaberJet Firefighting Nozzle with Pistol Grip (DSO)

Multipurpose nozzle is capable of a 95gpm fog flow at 100psi

Akron Brass™ Stainless-Steel Piercing Applicator

Designed to deliver water or foam into hidden trouble spots

Crash Rescue Handgun Hydro-Chem™ Nozzles

Used in conjunction with a separate foam proportioning system, such as Williams' Inline Bypass Eductor