CMC Rescue™ Sked™-Evac Industrial Tripods

With aircraft-grade gold-anodized aluminum legs and cast-aluminum head

Ferno™ Model 65 Scoop™ Stretcher

For hip injuries and road accidents

CMC Rescue™ Sked™ Stretcher Rescue System

Compact storage with ease of use and flexible in the mode of transport

Ferno™ NAJO Lite Backboards

Exceptionally lightweight—just 14.5 lb. (6.6kg)

Ambu™ Perfit ACE™ Extrication Collars Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Ambu Perfit ACE combined with the Mini Perfit ACE offer an incredible 28 sizes that ensure patients can have an effective accurate fit

Medique Sam™ Multi-Purpose Splint

Easy-to-use splint for emergency situations.

Medique Rolled Wire Splint

Provides support for fractures and other injuries.

Fire Hooks Unlimited Non-Conductive Bolt Cutter Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

For house currect and low volt operations

Unifire Pro Saw/Cut-Off Rescue Saw Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

High-power, heavy-duty saw with reversible cutting arm is ideal for multiple rescue applications

Fire Hooks Unlimited Force Axes Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Fiberglass axe features oversized head that makes hitting the strike zone easier

Power Hawk IN-1 Intruder Kit

Basic rescue kit, comprised of Power Hawk P-16 Power Kit, spreader arm set, curved-blade cutter, and power blade.

Fire Hooks Unlimited Heavy Duty Contractor Bolt Cutters Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

For different cutting tasks including locks, chain links, reinforcing rods, bolts, rivets

Power Hawk TH-1P-16 Tomahawk Kit

All-electric, “jaws-type” system operates completely without hydraulics for exceptional versatility and power

Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro Bar Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Pro bar made to exacting NYFD requirements

Fire Hooks Unlimited Hooks Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Hooks made to exacting NYFD requirements

Fire Hooks Unlimited Bolt Cutter

Contractor-quality cutter offers unique feel