Medique Rolled Wire Splint

Provides support for fractures and other injuries.

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional W20 H500 Fiberglass Handshields

Whether you are in a high-heat environment, welding in a tight space, or longing for a lightweight alternative while welding, these helmets are ideal for special welding applications.

Medique Sam™ Multi-Purpose Splint

Easy-to-use splint for emergency situations.

Fire Hooks Unlimited All Purpose Hook

Features specially tapered hook-head point

Fire Hooks Unlimited Heavy Duty Contractor Bolt Cutters

For different cutting tasks including locks, chain links, reinforcing rods, bolts, rivets

Fire Hooks Unlimited Bolt Cutter

Contractor-quality cutter offers unique feel

Fire Hooks Unlimited Axe Holder

Features spring tension clasp

Reeves™ Wheeled Litter Carrier

Easily transports injured victims over most terrain not accessible by vehicles

Fire Hooks Unlimited Rubber Mallet

Unbreakable rubber mallet provides lifetime of use

Fire Hooks Unlimited Hooks

Hooks made to exacting NYFD requirements

Oregon Spine Splints

Helps to safely remove patients from injury sites without doing further damage to the spine

Turtle Plastics Standard Step Chock

For use on passenger cars

Sked™ Evac Tripod

Small head and extra-long legs for high performance

Fire Hooks Unlimited Dry Wall Hook

Designed for dry wall removal of all types

Aqua Communications SnakeEye II™ Video Inspection System

Modular, portable inspection system facilitates quick, nondestructive inspection in hard-to-reach locations

Power Hawk™ TH-1P-16 Tomahawk Kit

All-electric, “jaws-type” system operates completely without hydraulics for exceptional versatility and power

Reeves™ Spine Board

Designed for patients with spinal and neck injuries

Ampco Safety Tool Kits

Nonsparking tools with Factory Mutual approval

Reeves™ 101 Flexible Stretcher

Designed as an easily conveyable patient transport device