Tube Furnaces

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ Crucible Furnaces

Double-shell construction and variable-density insulation combine to enhance performance over conventional furnaces

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ 1700°C Tube Furnaces

Achieve rapid heat up, recovery and cool down with a tube furnace that delivers outstanding energy release, reducing thermal process cycle time.

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ 1100°C Tube Furnaces

Conduct heating applications faster than conventional furnaces with this tube furnace which has double-shell construction and variable density insulation.

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ Heavy-Duty Solid-Tube Furnaces

Designed for high-temperature metallurgical, ceramic, chemical, and electronic research

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ 1200°C Split-Hinge Tube Furnaces

Configure this split-hinge tube furnace for horizontal or vertical use. Features independent digital temperature control modules for ease of use.

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ 1500°C General-Purpose Tube Furnaces

Featuring integral control designed for a range of applications which require processing flexibility with fast heatup and recovery.

Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ Mini-Mite™ Tube Furnaces

With Moldatherm™ insulation for quick heatup and cooldown