Heating Tapes Cords and Mats

Brisk Heat Thermolyne™ Silicone Rubber Heating Mats

Resistant to moisture, weather, ozone gases and most chemicals

BriskHeat™ XtremeFLEX™ BIH Heavy Insulated Heating Tapes

Provides flexibility and durability with multi-stranded resistance wire heating element. BriskHeat™ XtremeFLEX™ BIH Heavy Insulated Heating Tapes are available in wide variety of length and width configurations.

BriskHeat™ Beaker Heaters

Ideal for Laboratory and Oil Bath Applications

BriskHeat™ Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets

Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and radiation

BriskHeat™ Dual Element Heating Tapes (BWH-D)

Ideal for laboratory heating applications for apparatus, gas tubing, temporary heat, valves, and more. BriskHeat™ Dual Element Heating Tapes (BWH-D) are safe for use with glass and electrically conductive metal surfaces.

BriskHeat™ HWC High Temperature Heating Cords

Designed for use on small tubes, vessels and in places with limited space. BriskHeat™ HWC High Temperature Heating Cords provide high flexibility due to small 3mm wrap around diameters in laboratory, production or maintenance applications.