Clinical Scales

3B Scientific™ Detecto™ ProHealth Personal Weighing Scale Products for Science Education

A low profile design personal scale with non-skid vinyl mat. The 3B Scientific Detecto™ ProHealth Personal Weighing Scale is ideal for personal use, fitness centers, and health care facilities.

Photo Evidence Scale Products for Science Education

Perfect for precise measurement when photographing evidence.

3B Scientific™ ProHealth Personal Weighing Scale Products for Science Education

Modern, durable and elegant in appearance. The 3B Scientific ProHealth Personal Weighing Scale provides fast, accurate weighing on a slip-resistant platform.

3B Scientific™ Detecto™ ProMed™ Digital Medical Scale with Height Rod Products for Science Education

Designed to monitor weight in both home or medical office. The 3B Scientific Detecto™ ProMed™ Digital Medical Scale also includes a body mass index feature.