Electrical Equipment and Supplies

D-Cell Akaline Batteries for Science Kits Products for Science Education

Consumable for use with multiple projects and in science kits.

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply

Retain settings after shut-down with the power-off memory on the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply, ideal for DNA/RNA and Protein electrophoresis.

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC1000XL Programmable Power Supply

Save benchtop space with the stackable design of the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC1000XL Programmable Power Supply.

EISCO Deluxe Battery Eliminator Products for Science Education

More convenient than keeping many kinds of batteries on hand.

Edvotek™ TetraSource™ Power Supply Products for Science Education

Power a combination of electrophoresis units with this 650mA power supply.

3B Scientific™ AC Plug-in Power Supply 24V Products for Science Education

Plug-in power supply for operation of Pohl torsion pendulum.

EISCO Low-Voltage Power Supply Products for Science Education

Compact regulated power supply.

Rheostats Products for Science Education

Wide range of rheostats offering excellent value

EISCO Black 4mm Connecting Leads

The EISCO Black 4mm Connecting Leads (pk of 12) enables quick temporary electrical connections.

3B Scientific™ DC Power Supply Units Products for Science Education

Choose from a variety of DC power supply units.

3B Scientific™ High-Voltage Power Supply 5kV Products for Science Education

Universally applicable, floating, high-voltage source for operation of electron tubes.

EISCO Safe D Battery Holder

The EISCO Safe D Battery Holder is the perfect piece of equipment to create power for simple circuits using 4mm banana plugs.

Stackable Battery Holder Products for Science Education

Extend capacity or voltage.

Degem™ Autotronics Workstation Products for Science Education

Comprehensive automotive electronics training and simulation platform that combines theory with hands-on demonstrations.

EISCO Red 4mm Connecting Leads

The EISCO Red 4mm Connecting Leads (pk of 12) enables quick, temporary electrical connections.

Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply Products for Science Education

Offers AC voltages of 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12V and regulated continuously variable DC voltages.

3B Scientific™ Low Volt Patch Cords Products for Science Education

For low voltage electrical circuits.

EISCO Basic Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

An inventive way to teach series-parallel circuits.

3B Scientific™ Dismantlable Transformer Products for Science Education

For the generation of a powerful magnetic flux.

Degem™ Electronics Training Modules Products for Science Education

Module topic boards for use with the Degem Educational Electronics Workstation.

3B Scientific™ DC Power Supply 0–20V Products for Science Education

Universal power supply with digital current and voltage display.

EISCO AC/DC Power Supply Products for Science Education

Use the two independent outputs on this power supply simultaneously.

Salisbury Ball and Socket Temporary Grounding System

For variable angle accessibility

3B Scientific™ Rheostats Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty variable resistors for experiments in extra-low and low voltage circuits.