Lamps and Lighting

Salisbury™ Arc Flash Task Light

High-intensity, long-lasting white LED lamp

Edvotek™ Long Wave UV Mini-Lights Products for Science Education

Used to detect hydrolysis of fluorescent substrate.

EISCO Bulb Holder M.E.S. Products for Science Education

Ideal for incorporation into simple electrical and electronic circuits.

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ UVP 3UV Ultraviolet Lamp

Photoactivate crosslinkers in UV-crosslinking methods with these compact, UV-lamps with 252nm, 302nm and 365nm short to long wavelength bulbs.

Fisher Scientific™ Flexible-Arm™ Light

Three-point articulating arm allows lamp to be moved 360° and adjusted to any position

EMD Millipore UV Lamp for Laboratory Water Systems

For destruction of organic contaminants in water by photo-oxidation

Fisherbrand™ Photoionization Lamps

Available in the DC style in the 10.0 to 10.6eV range commonly used for most analyses

Fisherbrand™ Tube Agglutination Viewer Accessories

For use with Fisherbrand Tube Agglutination Viewer

Fisherbrand™ Sealed Overhead LED Light Fixture and Frame For Workstations

Sealed overhead LED light and frame are ideal for 60 to 72 in. benches.

Fisherbrand™ Tube Agglutination Viewer

Provides a magnified view of the undersurface of test tube contents

Laxco™ FOS150 Series Fiber Optic Light Source

Laxco™ FOS Series is 150w fiber optic light source with exchangeable guides for industrial, manufacturing and dissection applications.

United Scientific Supplies Miniature Lamp Bulbs Products for Science Education

Ideal for use in various lab experiments.

MSA™ Ultralight™ Cap Lamp System: Battery

Replacement battery for use with Ultralight Cap Lamp System

MSA™ Ultralight™ Cap Lamp System: Chargers

Battery chargers for Ultralight Cap Lamp System

Laxco™ iLED Series LED Light Source

Laxco™ iLED Series boost bright LED illumination in small, compact, small foot print system.

EMD Millipore 254nm UV Lamp for Thin-Layer Chromatography

In contrast to lamps with wavelength filters and very narrow spectrum, this lamp has a broader spectrum for quick analyses or screening purposes

Spectroline™ E-Series Handheld Lamps

A full range of models in this lamp series

Pelican™ StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™ Flashlights

Produce a true, bright collimated LED beam

Pelican™ 9430 Remote Area Portable Lighting Spotlight System

Maintenance-free LED array with life expectancy of 50,000 hours

Spectroline™ Q-Series UV Magnifier Lamp

Designed to detect trace amounts of fluorescence through a built-in 3X magnifier lens

Applied Scientific Devices Single Light Guide Products for Science Education

Provides cool, electronically isolated, white light.