Illuminators for Microscopy

Laxco™ iLED Series Dual Interchangeable LED Illuminator

Laxco™ New line of LED illuminators offers bright, focusable LED illumination with the ability to change out the LED wavelength to allow it to be used in a wide range of applications.

Laxco™ iLED Series LED Light Source

Laxco™ iLED Series boost bright LED illumination in small, compact, small foot print system.

Laxco™ FOS150 Series Fiber Optic Light Source

Laxco™ FOS Series is 150w fiber optic light source with exchangeable guides for industrial, manufacturing and dissection applications.

Laxco™ LED for MZS32, MZS33, and iLED-30 Series

Laxco™ Wavelength specific LED modules