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Custom Oligos

Get custom synthesis of affordable, high-quality oligonucleotides in a variety of scales and formats. Order Now


RNAi Reagents & qPCR Assays

Access the most complete, technologically advanced portfolio of tools for gene silencing and detection. Order Now


Luminex Assays

Bead-based multiplex assays designed to provide accurate, reproducible results for every target analyte. Order Now


Thermo Scientific Pierce Peptides

Leverage leading-edge capabilities and expertise to deliver quality peptides. Download Quote Form

New Lab Start-Up Program

10,000 Labs in 10 Years

Let the Fisher Scientific New Lab Start-Up Program work for you as an effective, economical way to obtain special time- and money-saving offers on the supplies you need. To help you get your lab off to a productive start, the New Lab Start-Up Program includes more than 130 special offers.

From Empty Shelve to a Fully Functioning Lab

Maximize your time and budget while getting the supplies you need with Fisher Scientific New Lab Start-up Program.

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Featured Product


Novex WedgeWell Tris-Glycine Mini Gels

Novex™ WedgeWell™ Tris-Glycine Mini Gels offer reproducible separation of a wide range of proteins into well-resolved bands.

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