Gel-Casting and Polymerization Reagents

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Tetramethylethylenediamine (TEMED)

Efficiently catalyze polyacrylamide gel polymerization in SDS-PAGE using TEMED.

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Ammonium Persulfate (APS)

Catalyze acrylamide and bisacrylamide polymerization when preparing polyacrylamide gels for electrophoresis with APS oxidizing agent.

R&D Systems™ Agarose Cleaning and Storage Kit

Contains the optimal formulations for cleaning and storage of agarose affinity matrices

Lonza™ GelBond™ PAG Film for Acrylamide Gels

Transparent, flexible polyester film supports polyacrylamide or MDE™ gels through electrophoresis, fixing, staining, destaining, and drying procedures