Media Additives

Fisher BioReagents™ ChromoMax™ IPTG/X-Gal Solution

Accelerate your blue/white colony screening

R&D Systems™ N21-MAX Vitamin A Free Media Supplement (50X)

Used for controlled neural stem and progenitor cell expansion. R&D Systems N21-MAX Vitamin A Free Media Supplement (50X) is a nutrient-rich, serum-free, and fully defined media formulation.

R&D Systems N21-MAX Insulin Free Media Supplement (50X)

Tested in the viability and growth of E18 rat hippocampal neurons

BD BBL™ V-C-N Inhibitor (Thayer and Martin)

For selection of pathogenic Neisseria, Thayer-Martin Agar and Transgrow medium

BD Difco™ Peptone Water

For cultivation of nonfastidious organisms and studying carbohydrate fermentation

BD Difco™ Malt Extract Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Media ingredient for yeast and mold detection. BD Difco™ Malt Extract is part of a large selection of dehydrated media.

BD Media Supplement Fluid A

For diluting and rinsing in sterility testing

BD Difco™ XLT4 Agar Supplement

For isolation of non-typhi Salmonella

BD BBL™ Dehydrated Culture Media: Middlebrook ADC Enrichment

Used as a growth supplement for microbiology research.  BD Difco™ BBL™ Middlebrook ADC Enrichment is recommended for isolation and cultivation of mycobacteria and other microbes

BD Bacto™ Dehydrated Culture Media: Desiccated Dried Beef Extract

Dried form beef extract is used to replace infusions of meat.   BD Difco™ Bacto™ Dehydrated Culture Media: Desiccated Dried Beef Extract is part of a selection of dehydrated media and ingredients.

BD Difco™ Culture Media Additives: Penase

To enrich media for cultivating and isolating large variety of microorganisms and tissue cells

BD BBL™/Difco™ Media Additives/Ingredients/Reagents: Oxgall

Dehydrated fresh bile used in selection of bile tolerant bacteria