Antibody and Dye Based Assays

R&D Systems Proteome Profiler Mouse Cytokine Array Kit, Panel A

For the parallel determination of the relative levels of selected mouse cytokines and chemokines

Novus Biologicals™ InnovaCoat™ GOLD Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit, 40nm

Gold nanoparticle with a unique protective surface coat. Covalently attached biotin ligand cannot desorb.

R&D Systems Proteome Profiler Human Phospho-RTK Array Kit

For the parallel determination of the relative level of tyrosine phosphorylation of human receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs)

R&D Systems Proteome Profiler Human Angiogenesis Array Kit

Rapid, sensitive and economical tool to simultaneously detect the relative levels of 55 angiogenesis-related proteins in a single sample