Gel Dryers

Promega™ Gel Drying Film

Gel Drying Film is a clear cellulose film used with the Gel Drying Kit. Gel Drying Film is essentially gas-impermeable when dry.

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Parts for Gel Drying System

Replacement plastic support mesh or sealing sheet to keep your lab up and running

Hoefer™ Easy Breeze™ Gel Dryer Accessories: Frame Components and Accessories

For use with the SE 1200 Easy Breeze Gel Drying System

Promega™ Gel Drying Kit

Convenient, economical alternative to expensive gel dryers and vacuum systems

Hoefer™ GD 2000 Gel Dryer System

Dries gels rapidly, evenly and safely using a dry-heat vacuum method