Educational Spectrometers

3B Scientific™ Spectrometry Supplementary Set Products for Science Education

The 3B Scientific Spectrometry Supplementary Set is used for investigating spectrometry of transmitted signals and measurement of absorption losses.

Intermediate Spectrometer Products for Science Education

Robust enough for student use, yet capable of advanced work.

EISCO Advanced Spectrometer Products for Science Education

This instrument whilst robust enough for individual student use and also intended for more advanced work.

EISCO Basic Spectrometer Products for Science Education

An economical spectrometer for use in elementary schools to measure the angle of prisms using the law of reflection, demonstrate optics phenomenon with a diffraction grating or measure the wavelengths of monochromatic light sources.

Spectrometer Products for Science Education

Perform quantitative spectroscopy experiments using this good quality yet economical spectrometer.

VERNIER SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY Vernier Visible Light Spectrometer Products for Science Education

Portable, fully functioning visible light spectrophotometer gives precise measurements instantly over a range of 380 to 950nm.

VERNIER SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY Vernier Emissions Spectrometer Optical Fiber Products for Science Education

Allows for precise measurements of emissions spectrum wavelengths.

VERNIER SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY Vernier Emissions Spectrometer Products for Science Education

Portable spectrometer to measure emissions from a wide variety of light sources.

Public Lab Desktop Spectrometry Kit Products for Science Education

Visible/near-infrared spectrometer capable of connecting to computer via USB cable.

Public Lab Foldable Mini-Spectrometer Kit Products for Science Education

Visible/near-infrared spectrometer capable of connecting to smartphone.

American Educational Products Basic Spectrometer Products for Science Education

Rugged, all-metal spectrometer consists of an adjustable collimator tube, telescope and prism stand.