Tuberculin Syringes

BD Tuberculin Syringes

Sterile, disposable syringe with Luer slip tip

Covidien Monoject™ Tuberculin Syringes

Sterile, single-use syringes individually packaged for convenience

BD Reusable Yale™ Tuberculin Syringes

Reusable syringes with ground barrels and plungers, matched for precision

Covidien Monoject™ SoftPack Tuberculin Syringes

Sterile, single-use individually packaged syringes

BD SafetyGlide™ Tuberculin Syringe with Needle

Tiny Needle Technology will meet your Sub-Q and intradermal injection needs

BD Tuberculin Syringes with Permanently Attached Needle

Offers clear visual and audible confirmation of the lock position