Control Environments Non Sterile Mops

Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Handles and Hooks

Choose from a lightweight anodized aluminum, durable electropolished stainless steel or fiberglass. Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Handles are available in fixed length or telescoping models to fit all mopping needs.

Micronova™ NovaSorb™ String Mophead

Absorbent and lightweight, economically designed for single use in Controlled Environments.

Micronova™ SlimLine™ Mop Adapters

Plastic SlimLine adapter

Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Head Frames

Featuring a quick-connect button for easy attachment to all sizes and styles of Contec™ Quick Connect™ handles. Contec™ QuickConnect™ Mop Head Frames are specifically designed for use with the Contec™ family of mopping systems.

Perfex™ TruClean™ Yarn Mop

Mops are ideal for use in controlled environments or general housekeeping

Micronova™ Tool/Mop Handles

Lightweight, plastic-coated fiberglass handles

Contec™ Clean Scrub™ Mop Heads

Eliminate dirt and grime from heavily contaminated surfaces. Contec™ Clean Scrub™ Mop Heads are wrapped with a textured polyester mesh for better contaminant removal. The mop heads have a core of polyester fabric and foam that provides exceptional liquid absorption and resists tearing.

Micronova™ Accordion Mop Handle

Collapsible for use in isolators and containment hoods

Micronova™ M-Zone MegaSorb Mops

Designed for cleaning and picking up liquids in controlled and critical environments

Micronova™ Mop Handles

Handle for Micronova mops

Micronova™ MicroMop™ and PolyGen™ Mop Handle

For use with Micronova string mops

Vileda Professional™ SanTech™ Duo Polyester Laminated Mop, Non-sterile

For disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings. Vileda Professional SanTech Duo Polyester Laminated Mop, Non-sterile are designed for use in cleanrooms up to class ISO 5/GMP A & B/FED209D Class 100.