Janitorial Buckets and Wringers

Micronova™ Slim T™ Double-Bucket Cart

Suitable for use with SlimLine™ and T-Mop™ Series and a variety of other mop heads. Optional Wringer available (19-121-802).

Freudenberg™ Autoclavable CE Bucket

Blue and red 18 in. autoclavable buckets

Rubbermaid™ HYGEN™ Press Wring Bucket

For use with microfiber flat mops up to 18 in. length

Freudenberg Vileda™ UltraFlex Mopping Buckets

Easy-to-handle and easy-to-use tools

Freudenberg™ 25L Longish Bucket With Color Coding Clips

For use on Controlled Environment Bucket Trolley or Pre-Prepared Trolley

Freudenberg™ DuoPress Wringer

Flat press to use with CE Bucket Trolley

Texwipe™ Cleanroom Seamless Stainless-Steel Round Buckets

Designed for use in critical environments