GE Lab Essentials

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No matter the application, GE Healthcare has the high-quality products to take your research to new heights. Count on GE Healthcare’s broad selection of lab essentials to help you achieve consistent results, time after time. 

Lab Essentials


Whatman™ Benchkote™ Surface Protector Sheets

Benchkote Surface Protectors quickly absorb liquid spills and protect your work surface. They’re made from an absorbent material with an impermeable backing that is designed to protect lab surfaces and is ideal for any type of lab work. In rolls or pre-cut sheets.

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Whatman™ Polycap™ SPF Capsule Filters

Use for larger volume and hard-to-filter biologicals: serum, tissue culture media, immunologicals, buffers, or virus suspensions. Triple-layer filter (GMF, ultra-fine GMF and PES) with 1μm pore size; can be autoclaved; with inlet vent.

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Whatman™ Vacu-Guard™ Filters

Prevents infectious or contaminating materials from entering vacuum systems and protects the laboratory and environment. For in-line use; PTFE filter membrane; 0.45μm pore size.

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