Request Your Complimentary EMD Millipore Filtration Sample

Request Your Complimentary EMD Millipore Filtration Sample Request Your Complimentary EMD Millipore Filtration Sample

Need help deciding which of our industry-leading products is right for your specific application? Our technical support specialists are available to help. Fill out the form for more information about EMD Millipore filtration products and to request your complimentary sample.

Filtration Products

Stericup and Steriflip Vacuum Filtration Devices

Stericup and Steriflip Filters ensure fast and complete recovery, with no loss of media or precious additives in the filtration process. With the best sterile filters, you’ll do your best work.

Millex Syringe Filters

Millex™ Syringe Filters set the standard for reliable, small-volume sterile filtration. Choose from a variety of membranes manufactured for reliable performance, low extractables and low binding.

Membrane Filters

Choosing the proper membrane device for your laboratory process is an important step in any successful analysis. EMD Millipore Membrane Filters are optimized to suit a variety of applications.

Multiscreen 96- and 384-Well Filter Plates

Multiply your success with Multiscreen™ Filter Plates, which serve as ideal multi-well solutions for research and sample preparation.

Cell Culture and Protein Research

Amicon Centrifugal Concentrators

Protect your proteins. Amicon™ Ultra centrifugal devices use regenerated cellulose membranes, which offer tighter MWCO separations than PES membranes, resulting in higher levels of protein recovery with minimal flow-through losses.

Immobilon Western Blotting Membranes

Cited in more than 52,000 publications, Immobilon™-P Membranes are the gold standard in PVDF blotting membranes. Have small or very low abundant proteins? Try Immobilon™-Psq Membranes for superior protein capture. Immobilon™-FL Membranes are specifically optimized for fluorescence-based detection systems.

Millicell Cell Culture Inserts and Plates

Since the 1950s, Millicell™ Cell Culture Inserts and Plates have been used in some of the most innovative cell culture experiments. EMD Millipore has the experience you need and the superior quality you trust.

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