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The Fisher Chemical™ brand offers production services on additional products for regulated and non-regulated markets. Trust us to assure each ingredient in your bench-to-production workflow is manufactured under a detailed and robust quality management program. We offer supplier change control and notification, supply chain control and integrity, custom package sizes and special testing, and inventory management with lot control.

Operating in key markets, we have a multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts in:

  • Technical sourcing
  • Product development chemistry
  • Analytical science
  • Packaging engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory
  • Technical project management
  • Production engineering

Whether you are engaged in initial research or scaling up to full production, save time and resources through our custom services and solutions:

FisherPak Delivery System

The FisherPak™ Solvent Delivery System is the ideal choice for handling large quantities of high-purity solvents. Almost 200 lb. of waste are eliminated by each 200L FisherPak.

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SmartPack Solutions

Our chemical packaging enhancements provide a smarter, greener and safer way to conduct research and transport products while helping to prevent costly accidents.

Learn More About Innovative Chemical Packaging

Semi-Bulk & Bulk Chemical Service

We can secure and manage the supply of semi-bulk and bulk volume products using either internal manufacturing or select partners worldwide.

Tailored Solvents and Solvent Blends

Our experience in manufacturing, processing and testing high-purity solvents enables customization of solvents to your specifications.

Expansion of High-Purity Water Manufacturing Capabilities

We’ve tripled our production of ultrapure water suitable for research and non-GMP production, including high-end analytical grades.

Customized Packaging and Labeling

We offer a wide range of safe, convenient and environmentally friendly packaging options designed to protect your products and comply with regulations.

Testing Services

We quickly respond to your specific quality control testing requests with our in-house laboratory, QC capabilities and accredited external partners.

Special Solutions

Special aqueous or non-aqueous solutions can be expertly manufactured to your exact requirements.

Custom Synthesis

We produce high-quality, custom chemicals for research as well as pilot-scale and full-scale production — all with full confidentiality.

Product Documentation

All products purchased through the Specialty Group are shipped with lot-specific Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets.


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The FisherPak™ Solvent Delivery System is the ideal choice for handling large quantities of high-purity solvents. Almost 200lbs of waste are eliminated by each 200L FisherPak. Available in 19L, 50L, 200L and 1350L sizes.

From lab to production scale, the FisherPak solution delivers solvents with enhanced safety and improved productivity.

Protecting Purity

FisherPak Solvent Delivery System protects solvent purity throughout shipment, delivery, installation and dispensing.

  • Cleaned and pressure tested type 316 stainless-steel containers
  • Stainless-steel cover
  • Tamper-evident closure
  • Closed system eliminates contamination of solvent during dispensing

Improving Productivity

FisherPak Solvent Delivery System increases lab efficiency while reducing lab operating costs by:

  • Reducing solvent testing
  • Elminating bottle rinsing
  • Cutting disposal costs

Enhancing Safety

A unique combination of mechanical and manual controls protects the lab and the environment.

  • Bottle-free, closed system eliminates glass breakage and reduces the risk of spills and exposure to vapors
  • Unique horizontal vapor venting for superior fire safety
  • Secondary manual shut-off valves, in addition to isolation valves, are incorporated into the quick connect hardware
  • Color-coded connectors help to prevent improper hookups
  • Meets Department of Transportation and NFPA 30 standards

Promoting Environmentally Friendly Practices

Using the FisherPak system will reduce the amount of solid waste generated in your laboratory and keep it out of the environment.

  • A reusable 200 liter FisherPak container replaces 50 four liter bottles and packing material
  • Flammable or toxic solvent liquids and vapors are not released into the surrounding air
  • Empty FisherPak containers are cleaned and refilled by Fisher Scientific -- no more bottle rinsing

Specifications and Technical Information

Use this detailed technical information and product specifications to help you determine the correct container size and configuration for your needs:

Commonly Requested FisherPak Solvents and Their Weights By Net Weight

2-Propanol0.78532.9LB/ 14.9KG86.5LB/ 39.3KG199.0LB/ 90.3KG346.1LB/ 157.0KG
Methanol0.78532.2LB/ 15.0KG87.2LB/ 39.6KG200.7LB/ 91.0KG349LB/ 158.3KG
Acetone0.78832.8LB/ 14.9KG86.9LB/ 39.4KG199.8LB/ 90.6LB347.4LB/ 157.6KG
Alcohol0.78232.7LB/ 14.8KG86.2LB/ 39.1KG198.3LB/ 89.9KG344.8LB/ 156.4KG
Acetonitrile0.77532.5LB/ 14.7KG85.4LB/ 38.8KG196.5LB/ 89.1KG341.7LB/ 155KG
Chloroform1.47161.6LB/ 28KG162.1LB/ 73.6KG372.9LB/ 169.2KG648.6LB/ 294.2KG
Methylene Chloride1.32655LB/ 25.2KG146.1LB/ 66.3KG336.1LB/ 152.4KG584.4LB/ 265.1LB
Ethyl Acetate0.90237.8LB/ 17.1KG99.4LB/ 45.1KG228.7LB/ 103.7KG397.7LB/ 180.4KG
Hexane0.66027.6LB/ 12.5KG72.8LB/ 33KG167.3LB/ 75.9KG291LB/ 132KG
Iso-Octane0.69229LB/ 13.1KG76.3LB/ 34.6KG175.4LG/ 79.6KG305.1LB/ 138.4KG
Petroleum Ether0.63026.4LB/ 12.0KG69.4LB/ 31.5KG159.7LB/ 72.5KG277.8LB/ 126KG
Toluene0.86636.3LB/ 16.5KG95.5LB/ 43.3KG219.6LB/ 99.6KG381.8LB/ 173.2KG
THF0.88937.2LB/ 16.9KG98LB/ 44.5KG225.4LB/ 102.3KG392.1LB/ 177.8KG
Water1.041.9LB/ 19KG110.2LB/ 50KG253.5LB/ 115KG440.9LB/ 200KG

Commonly Requested FisherPak Solvents and Their Weights By Gross Fill Weight

2-Propanol0.78557.1LB/ 25.9KG129.5LB/ 58.8KG269.6LB/ 122.3KG437.9LB/ 198.6KG
Methanol0.78557.4LB/ 26.0KG130.2LB/ 59.1KG271.2LB/ 123.0KG440.7LB/ 199.9KG
Acetone0.78857.0LB/ 25.9KG129.9LB/ 58.9KG270.3LB/ 122.6LB439.2LB/ 199.2KG
Alcohol0.78256.9LB/ 25.8KG129.2LB/ 58.6KG268.6LB/ 121.9KG436.5LB/ 198KG
Acetonitrile0.77556.7LB/ 25.7KG128.4LB/ 58.3KG1267LB/ 121.1KG433.4LB/ 196.6KG
Chloroform1.47185.8LB/ 39KG205.1LB/ 93.1KG443.5LB/ 201.2KG740.3LB/ 335.8KG
Methylene Chloride1.32679.7LB/ 36.2KG189.1LB/ 85.8KG406.6LB/ 184.4KG676.1LB/ 306.7LB
Ethyl Acetate0.90262LB/ 28.1KG142.4LB/ 64.6KG299.2LB/ 135.7KG489.4LB/ 222KG
Hexane0.66051.8LB/ 23.5KG115.7LB/ 52.5KG237.9LB/ 107.9KG382.7LB/ 173.6KG
Iso-Octane0.69253.2LB/ 24.1KG119.3LB/ 54.1KG246LB/ 111.6KG396.8LB/ 180KG
Petroleum Ether0.63050.6LB/ 23KG112.4LB/ 51KG230.3LB/ 104.5KG369.5LB/ 167.6KG
Toluene0.86660.5LB/ 27.5KG138.4LB/ 62.8KG290.1LB/ 131.6KG473.5LB/ 214.8KG
THF0.88961.4LB/ 27.9KG141LB/ 64KG296LB/ 134.3KG483.8LB/ 219.4KG
Water1.066.1LB/ 30KG153.2LB/ 69.5KG324.1LB/ 147KG532.6LB/ 241.6KG

FisherPak Dimensions

SizeHeight (Tap to Sump)Height (Overall)Diameter (Outer)Tare Wt. (Approx. kg)Overflow Capacity

*Weights of 200L and 115L drums with ID numbers above 800 will be higher. (200L = 45.7kg)

**Footprint of the 1350L is 47"x47". Diameter of the IBC is less than the base width.

Note: All measurements listed above are in inches.


FisherPak Solvent Delivery System offers an array of accessories to fit your individual needs.


Level Cube

Provide a realtime, digital readout of the volume within the FisherPak.

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The FisherPak™ Delivery System is the ideal choice for handling large quantities of high-purity solvents. Almost 200 lb. of waste are eliminated by each 200L FisherPak.

Learn More About FisherPak

Specialized Chemical Services

Our chemical packaging enhancements provide a smarter, greener, and safer way to conduct research and transport products while helping to prevent costly accidents.

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