Lab-Aids, Inc.

Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds Products for Science Education

Students explore the dynamics of watersheds. Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds provides students with the exclusive Lab-Aids™ watershed models to enhance their learning experience.

Lab-Aids™ Natural Selection and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Products for Science Education

Antibiotics are effective against many bacterial infections, but not against viral infections.

Lab-Aids™ Make-A-Gas: Hydrogen Products for Science Education

Perform several activities to study physical and chemical characteristics of hydrogen.

Lab-Aids™Cheese-Making Kit Products for Science Education

Make cheese using enzymatic process.

Lab-Aids™ Thin-Layer Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

Lab techniques involve silica-gel-coated plastic slides, indicators, developers and chromatography chambers.

Lab-Aids™ Molecular Model Kits Products for Science Education

Hands-on learning activities help to visualize, construct and manipulate the invisible structure of molecules.

Lab-Aids™ Natural Selection Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Test Darwin's famous theory.

Lab-Aids™ Classifying Animals Products for Science Education

Students construct and compare animal classification systems. Lab-Aids™ Classifying Animals helps demonstrate how and why biologists classify animals.

Lab-Aids™ Fresh Water Test Kits Products for Science Education

See why it is sometimes necessary to hold back the forces of nitrogen.

Lab-Aids™ Soil Organism Study Kit Products for Science Education

Reveals the living organisms found in common soil.

Lab-Aids™ Pollutant Effects of Phosphate and Nitrates Kit Products for Science Education

Create your own classroom sample of a polluted waterway.

Lab-Aids™ Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution Kit Products for Science Education

See how water's natural color doesn't accurately indicate its degree of purity or pollution.

Lab-Aids™ Scientific Method Problem-Solving Kit Products for Science Education

Focuses on problem definition, data collection, hypothesis formation, testing and use of controls.

Lab-Aids™ pH Measurement/Indicators, No. 81R Products for Science Education

Studying acids' and bases' effect on indicator dyes.

Lab-Aids™ Diamond Crystal Molecular Model Products for Science Education

Produces a rigid, giant, 3-dimensional network

Lab-Aids™ Desktop Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate the dynamics of stream erosion.

Lab-Aids™ Contaminants and the Water Cycle Products for Science Education

Follow a molecule of water as it travels through the water cycle.

Lab-Aids™ One in a Million: Large and Small Numbers Products for Science Education

A valuable math-science link to visualize one of a million.

Lab-Aids™ Soil Composition and Structure

An exploration of soil through direct observation. Lab-Aids™ Soil Composition and Structure provides elementary students with the opportunity to analyze soil samples and compare their observations with those of their classmates.

Lab-Aids™ ABO-Rh Combination Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Provides information on several different subjects related to blood typing.

Lab-Aids™ Nematode Study Products for Science Education

Offers students an effective means of learning about living organisms.

Lab-Aids™ DNA Fingerprinting Diagnostics (Replication, PCR and RFLP) Products for Science Education

Study how DNA analysis is used to diagnose disease. Lab-Aids™ DNA Fingerprinting Diagnostics (Replication, PCR and RFLP) introduces biotechnology, forensic science, or AP Biology students to the concepts of DNA replication and how it relates to PCR and RFLP analyses of DNA

Lab-Aids™ Tracking the Spread of Infectious Diseases

The activity in this kit simulates the transmission of a contagious disease. Lab-Aids™ Tracking the Spread of Infectious Diseases simulates the steps epidemiologists take to try to determine its source and limit its spread.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating the Chemistry of Corrosion (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Two-part investigation module for investigating chemical concepts that underlie corrosion and attempts to inhibit it. Lab-Aids™ Investigating the Chemistry of Corrosion (Developed by SEPUP) students investigate the corrosion of iron, steel, aluminum, and zinc metal.

Lab-Aids™ Random Chance and Probability

An exploration of the principles of probability and random chance in relation to genetics. Lab-Aids™ Random Chance and Probability helps students develop a clear understanding using practical exercises.

Lab-Aids™ Hazardous Materials Investigation: The Barrel Mystery (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

In this module, students investigate a barrel of simulated hazardous waste as they learn to physically separate, test, and identify substances in the mixture. Lab-Aids™ Hazardous Materials Investigation: The Barrel Mystery (Developed by SEPUP) embedded assessment system provides a focus on student ability to design and conduct investigations.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Clotting Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Students time clot formation.