Lab-Aids, Inc.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Clotting Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Students time clot formation.

Lab-Aids™ Food Nutrient Analysis Kit Products for Science Education

Test and identify food nutrients.

Lab-Aids™ Human Genetics Experiment Products for Science Education

Hands-on activity demonstrates the principles of heredity.

Lab-Aids™ Human Senses Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Our most complete kit on the human senses.

Lab-Aids™ Make-A-Gas: Hydrogen Products for Science Education

Perform several activities to study physical and chemical characteristics of hydrogen.

Lab-Aids™ Simulated Urinalysis Kit Products for Science Education

Shows the importance of urinalysis as a reflection of body health.

Lab-Aids™ Thin-Layer Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

Lab techniques involve silica-gel-coated plastic slides, indicators, developers and chromatography chambers.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Alternative Energy: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Products for Science Education

Six-activity module focuses on hydrogen fuel cell technology as one potential solution to energy concerns.

Lab-Aids™ Molecules of Metabolism Kit: Understanding Digestion and Respiration Products for Science Education

3-D approach to the study of glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle.

Lab-Aids™ Desktop Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate the dynamics of stream erosion.

Lab-Aids™ Concepts of Classification Kit Products for Science Education

Learn the concepts of classification using 20 objects.

Lab-Aids™ Magnetic Fields and Forces

Students develop operational definitions of magnets, magnetic poles, and magnetic fields. Lab-Aids™ Magnetic Fields and Forces provides students a hands-on experience in 2-3 class periods.

Lab-Aids™ Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution Kit Products for Science Education

See how water's natural color doesn't accurately indicate its degree of purity or pollution.

Lab-Aids™ Energy Transfer: Motion of a Pendulum Products for Science Education

In this activity students investigate the motion of a pendulum and the energy transfers that take place as it swings.

Lab-Aids™ Antacid Study Kit Products for Science Education

Use over-the-counter antacids to determine how much acid can be neutralized by a particular brand.

Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds Products for Science Education

Students explore the dynamics of watersheds. Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds provides students with the exclusive Lab-Aids™ watershed models to enhance their learning experience.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Selective Breeding Kit Products for Science Education

Experiment that demonstrates the principle of controlling specific genetic characteristics through selective breeding.

Lab-Aids™ Introduction and Use of Dichotomous Keys Products for Science Education

Hone science reading and observation skills.

Lab-Aids™ Simulating Threshold Effects of Soil pH on Hydrangea Plants Products for Science Education

Students model how hydrangea plants are affected by soil pH.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating the Chemistry of Corrosion (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Two-part investigation module for investigating chemical concepts that underlie corrosion and attempts to inhibit it. Lab-Aids™ Investigating the Chemistry of Corrosion (Developed by SEPUP) students investigate the corrosion of iron, steel, aluminum, and zinc metal.

Lab-Aids™ Normal Mitosis Kit Products for Science Education

Observe nuclear division while perfecting lab techniques.

Lab-Aids™ Measuring Energy Efficiency Products for Science Education

An opportunity for students to measure and understand energy efficiency. Lab-Aids™ Measuring Energy Efficiency helps students investigate energy transformations and explore the efficiency of these transformations

Lab-Aids™ Weather Forecasting Kit Products for Science Education

Study different aspects of the Earth's weather and atmosphere by interpreting weather maps for eight days.

Kitchen Chemistry Kit Products for Science Education

Fun and thought-provoking approach to chemistry, experimental observation, and scientific reasoning.

Lab-Aids™ DNA Extraction and Isolation Kit Products for Science Education

Extract DNA from strawberries and understand some of its properties.

Lab-Aids™ Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps Products for Science Education

Explore topographic maps and how to interpret them.

Lab-Aids™ Photosynthesis Activity Kit Products for Science Education

Explore the process by which plants make their own food.

Lab-Aids™ Soil Composition and Structure

An exploration of soil through direct observation. Lab-Aids™ Soil Composition and Structure provides elementary students with the opportunity to analyze soil samples and compare their observations with those of their classmates.