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Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds Products for Science Education

Using this kit, students use appropriate tools to analyze and interpret data.

Lab-Aids™ Natural Selection Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Replicate the 'peppered moth' study in the lab, simulate predator-prey relationship, illustrate Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and industrial melonism and collect data and draw conclusion concerning natural selection and environmental pollution.

Lab-Aids™ ABO-Rh Combination Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Provides information on several different subjects related to blood typing.

Lab-Aids™ Basic Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ blood typing kits are designed for educational purposes only. These kits are not intended for clinical or diagnostic use. All Sera Have Been Tested For HBs Ag and HTLV-III (AIDS). Students sample and determine their own blood type, observe tissue incompatibility and agglutination, understand the four basic human blood types and experience collecting and comparing data.

Lab-Aids™ Classifying Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks Products for Science Education

Introduce and explain rock formation, describe and identify different rock types, use data to identify an unknown rock type and apply earth science to a real-world scenario.

Lab-Aids™ Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift Examination Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift Examination Kit helps students investigate earth's tectonic changes overtime

Lab-Aids™ Converting Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy Products for Science Education

Design and conduct an investigation. Students communicate scientific procedures and explanations.

Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Comparing Fossil Fuel and Biofuel Combustion Kit Products for Science Education

This kit helps students understand the costs and trade-offs of various decisions.

Lab-Aids™ Cheese-Making Kit Products for Science Education

Make cheese using enzymatic process. Study harmless bacteria in an important food process.

Lab-Aids™ Natural Selection and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Products for Science Education

In this activity, students model the effects of antibiotics on the population of disease-causing bacteria during an infection.

Lab-Aids™ Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Products for Science Education

Make accurate interpretations, inferences, and conclusions with this kit.

Lab-Aids™ Blood Smear Kit Products for Science Education

Observe and identify different cell types in student's own blood, prepare smear and apply Wright's stain and develop microscope skills.

Lab-Aids™ Desktop Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition Kit Products for Science Education

Student groups use a Lab-Aids™ Mini Stream Table to investigate the dynamics of stream erosion and deposition.

Lab-Aids™ Climate Change: Organisms as Climate Indicators Kit Products for Science Education

Lab-Aids™ Climate Change: Organisms as Climate Indicators Kit helps students investigate the effects of climate change

Lab-Aids™ Genetic Concepts Kit Products for Science Education

Rediscover Mendel's Law of Genetics, simulate gametogenesis and fertilization and develop understanding of purebred inheritance, hybrid inheritance with one allelic pair and dihybrid cross with allelic pairs. Understand co-dominance or blending and Law of Dominance and explore Law of Segregation and Recombination as well as Law of Independent Assortment.

Lab-Aids™ Sublevel Orbitals Model Kit Products for Science Education

Construct a model which shows position and number of electrons along the x, y and z axes, modeling shows orbitals of the sublevels of the major energy levels, review the four quantum numbers and Pauli s Exclusion Principle, identify the number and position of electrons in various atoms and observe the 3-dimensional effect of the model.

Lab-Aids™ Rh Blood-Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Determine Rh factor, understand Rh mechanisms and relationships to transfusion and genetics and observe tissue compatibility.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Human Heredity Products for Science Education

Study selected human traits controlled by a single pair of genes, stimulate an interest in science of genetics, determine phenotypes of several and same traits, interpret genotypes of individuals in a pedigree, construct a pedigree diagram for a single trait in their family, conduct a controlled experiment for that trait and discover and understand relationship of dominant and recessive traits.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Selective Breeding Kit Products for Science Education

In this series of two activities, students explore inherited traits.

Lab-Aids™ Audible Conductivity Indicator Products for Science Education

Auditory Conductivity Indicators are a practical alternative to light sensitive LED conductivity indicators. They also provide semi-quantitative information about the materials being tested.

Lab-Aids™ Identification of Chemical Reactions Kit Products for Science Education

Conduct experiments and identify four types of chemical reactions: color changes, precipitates, gas generation, and exothermic. Involves deductive reasoning when testing 'unknowns'.

Lab-Aids™ Chemplates™ Reaction Plate Products for Science Education

Using the inexpensive Chemplate eliminates the need for glassware and provides a semi-micro environment for conducting many experiments.

Lab-Aids™ Introduction to pH Measurement Products for Science Education

Observe the effects of acids and bases on indicators. Measure the important function of respiration.

Lab-Aids™ Owl Pellet Study Kit Products for Science Education

Designed for an in-depth study of owls and their prey.

Lab-Aids™ Living With Plastics (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

In this module, students address questions aoout materials by focusing on the development and use of plastic.

Lab-Aids™ Concepts of Classification Kit Products for Science Education

Discover that characteristics can be used to define objects, learn that there are various kinds and types of characteristics, recognize organisms or minerals by their traits, develop the idea of order among plants, animals and minerals and illustrate the importance of accurate observations and descriptions.

Lab-Aids™ Immunology and Evolution Experiments Products for Science Education

Determine evolutionary closeness of organisms based on antigen - antibody blood analysis. Identify various animals in relation to mankind.

Lab-Aids™ Atomic Structure and Chemical Interactions Products for Science Education

Students are introduced to models of atomic structure and use the planetary model to visualize the number of valence electrons.

Lab-Aids™ Ob-Scertainer™ Kit Products for Science Education

Develop a basic understanding of experimental design, use a model to explain indirect observation, develop and test hypothesis, observe/record observations and retest and draw conclusions based upon investigation.

Lab-Aids™ Hazardous Materials Investigation: The Barrel Mystery (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Students will investigate a barrel of simulated hazardous waste as they learn to physically separate, test, and identify substances in the mixture.


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