Lab-Aids™ Natural Selection Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Test Darwin's famous theory.

Lab-Aids™ Scientific Method Problem-Solving Kit Products for Science Education

Focuses on problem definition, data collection, hypothesis formation, testing and use of controls.

Chemplates™ Reaction Plate Products for Science Education

An inexpensive way to conduct safe and effective laboratory experiments.

Lab-Aids™ Families of Elements Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

See how the chemical properties of the halogen family are very similar despite marked differences in their physical properties.

Lab-Aids™ Geometry of Crystal Structure Kit Products for Science Education

Visualize the geometry of crystal structure.

Lab-Aids™ Flame Tests and Emission Spectroscopy Kit Products for Science Education

The entire concept of spectrum analysis introduced in one kit.

Lab-Aids™ Genetic Equilibrium and Natural Selection

Students study the principles of genetic equilibrium and natural selection as a process of evolution. Lab-Aids™ Genetic Equilibrium and Natural Selection is a practical simulation to help students understand these concepts.

Lab-Aids™ Groundwater Contamination: Trouble in Fruitvale (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

In this module students explore earth science concepts such as the water cycle, map making and interpretation, and groundwater pollution. Lab-Aids™ Groundwater Contamination: Trouble in Fruitvale (Developed by SEPUP), concepts are used in an investigation of groundwater contamination in the fictional city of Fruitvale.

Lab-Aids™ Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity Products for Science Education

Trace minerals to their source by reading river sediments. Lab-Aids™ Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity is an engaging kit that provides a series of hands on activities allowing students to apply key earth concepts.

Lab Aids™ Investigating Hard and Soft Water Kit Products for Science Education

Using simple tests, students gain experience with ionization, precipitation and solubility

Lab-Aids™ Making and Interpreting Topographic Maps Products for Science Education

Explore topographic maps and how to interpret them.

Lab-Aids™ Simulating Threshold Effects of Soil pH on Hydrangea Plants Products for Science Education

Students model how hydrangea plants are affected by soil pH.

Lab-Aids™ Flame Tests and Emission Spectroscopy Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

The concept of spectrum analysis is introduced with this Lab-Aid.

Lab-Aids™ Introduction to Radioactivity and Half Life Kit Products for Science Education

Uses simulated plastic radioactive atoms (simulats).

Lab-Aids™ Heredity and Environment

An exploration of the relationship between heredity and environment in seed traits. Lab-Aids™ Heredity and Environment has student germinate hybrid tobacco seeds in darkness and in light before making observations.

Lab-Aids™ Biofuels: Ethanol Production and Combustion Kit Products for Science Education

Supports student discussions of biofuel as a source of alternative energy and fossil fuel tradeoffs.

Lab-Aids™ Decomposition Kits Products for Science Education

Help your students understand biodegradability and decomposition and the effects of various factors on each.

Lab-Aids™ Rh Blood-Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Determine the presence of the Rh inherited blood factor.

Lab-Aids™ Enzymes as Catalysts for Starch Digesti Products for Science Education

The basic concept behind this engaging kit is that all living organisms must alter nutrients in order to make them usable.

Lab-Aids™ Bacteria Study Kit Products for Science Education

Introduce students to the Gram stain method and Leeuwenhoek experiments.

Lab-Aids™ Molecules of Life Kit Products for Science Education

Eight great model-building activities.

Lab-Aids™ Differentiation of Cells Experiment

Students are provided with the opportunity to explore cell differentiation. Lab-Aids™ Differentiation of Cells Experiment explores the process by which the development of a living organism is achieved.

Lab-Aids™ Photosynthesis Activity Kit Products for Science Education

Explore the process by which plants make their own food.

Lab-Aids™ Cellular Evolution Theory: Formation of Coacervates

Students explore and study the heterotroph hypothesis. Lab-Aids™ Cellular Evolution Theory: Formation of Coacervates allows students to product and study coacervates.

Lab-Aids™ Contaminants and the Water Cycle Products for Science Education

Follow a molecule of water as it travels through the water cycle.

Lab-Aids™ Thin-Layer Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

Lab techniques involve silica-gel-coated plastic slides, indicators, developers and chromatography chambers.

Lab-Aids™ Antacid Study Kit Products for Science Education

Use over-the-counter antacids to determine how much acid can be neutralized by a particular brand.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Environmental Health Risks (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Helps students explore some basic concepts associated with environmental health risks. Lab-Aids™ Investigating Environmental Health Risks (Developed by SEPUP) Education Kit explore risks associated with clean up of the Superfund (toxic waste) sites in addition to the risks associated with familiar activities.