Minuteman International, Inc.

Minuteman™ Lead Vacuum

HEPA-filtered vacuum recovers lead, dust, paint chips, and other hazardous materials

Minuteman™ CRV Vacuum Accessories

Filters for use with CRV Cleanroom Vacuums

Minuteman RFI/EMI Vacuum Accessories

Disposable bags and filter protectors for use with Minuteman RFI/EMI Digital Switching Station Vacuums

Minuteman™ Back Pack HEPA Vacuum Accessories

Use with the Minuteman Back Pack HEPA Vacuum

Minuteman™ Minuteman™ Allergy Vacuum

Four-stage filtration system contains common allergens

Minuteman™ X829 Series HEPA Vacuums

Safe, easy-to-use vacuum for difficult dry and wet cleaning jobs

Minuteman™ Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuum

For safe recovery of jet fuel and hazardous liquids

Minuteman™ Mercury Recovery Vacuum Systems

Safely recover mercury, mercury vapors, and mercury-contaminated particulates

Minuteman™ Antistatic Carpet Spray

Battles static electricity in carpets