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Hydranal and Chromasolv: Same Chemicals, New Supplier

Hydranal and Chromasolv are now available from Fisher Scientific; these products continue to be manufactured by and are also now sold under the Honeywell Research Chemical label.

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Using Stem Cells To Fight Lung Disease

Lung-derived stem cells grown on the surface of gel beads are able to form 3D “organoids” that can be used to study idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and other diseases.

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Planning is the Key to Effective Lab Design

Creating a science laboratory — or expanding an existing one — requires close and constant collaboration between the planning engineers and the scientists.

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The Simple Ways to Prevent Cell Culture Contamination

While some cell culture contamination may be inevitable, much of it can be prevented with strategic planning.

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Workplace Safety in 3 Easy Steps

If you or your employees handle volatile chemicals, use these simple strategies every day to enhance safety.

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Solutions for Successful Cell Culture

Choose equipment, cleaning methods, water purification and cell culture surfaces that provide your samples with an environment that helps to ensure reliable results.

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