Tempshield, Inc.

Tempshield™ Cryo-Apron™

Protection from splashes and contact cold in cryogenic and ultra-cold environments to -196°C.

Tempshield™ Cryo-Gloves™ Get IT Item

Breathable, stay-dry lining

Tempshield™ Cryo-Apron™

Cryogenic aprons made by Tempshield provide a high-level of thermal protection to the torso and upper legs in harsh cryogenic atmospheres.

Tempshield™ Cryo-Protection™ Pink Cryo-Gloves™

Cryogenic protection in ultra-cold environments

Tempshield™ Cryo-Gloves™ Products for Science Education

Hand and arm protection when working with liquid nitrogen.

Tempshield™ Water-Resistant Cryo-Gloves™ Products for Science Education

Cryogenic protection in ultra-cold environments.