Apparel Accessories

Fisherbrand™ Sample or Specimen Transport Container, Clear/Blue

For transporting biological, clinical samples, instruments, products that needs to be kept clean and dry under testing enviornmental conditions

Fisherbrand™ Apron and Lab Coat Hooks

Hooks for laboratory apparel.

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ Open Face Tool Organizer

Opens on sides and top with a place for everything.

Poltex Single Mask Box Holder

Holds one box of masks. Durable PETG construction.

ITL Corporation Safety SubCulture Unit

Needleless safety device for subculturing blood culture bottles

Minigrip™ White Vinyl Garment Bag with Hanger

Enables patients to neatly hang their clothing

Brady™ Shoe Cover Dispenser

Remind employees to wear foot protection by mounting shoe cover dispensers near all hazardous work areas. The Brady™ Shoe Cover Dispenser features “SHOE COVERS” printed on the front for easy use, and can hold up to 50 covers. Covers are dispensed through an opening in the front.

S-Curve™ X-Large Glove Two-Compartment Dispenser with Open Tray for Access

Designed to hold a large number of gloves and dispense them with an easy-access front tray

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ 5810 Open Top Tool Organizer

Sized for easy toting. Open top makes getting tools in and out easy.

Drucker™ SampleSafe™ Model LB-10 Sample Storage Lock Boxes

Insulated box ensures sample integrity and keeps sensitive specimens fresh till they reach laboratory

Ergodyne Arsenal™ 5567 Utility Knife Holder

Fits most utility knife designs

Desco™ Reztore Surface and Mat Cleaner, 1 Quart Spary

ESD Surface and Mat Cleaner is used to clean and maintain ESD mats and other worksurfaces.

Drucker™ Accessories for SampleSafe™ Storage Lock Box

Optional accessories for use with SampleSafe Storage Lock Box

Poltex Dust Proof Mask Dispenser

Poltex Dust Proof Mask Dispenser holds and dispenses N95 or other masks in dust proof holder

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ 5808 Long Widemouth Tool Organizer

Organize long tools and haul a Sawzall anywhere

Poltex Locking N95 Mask Dispenser

Holds and dispenses one box of N95 Masks.

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ 5802 Medium Widemouth Tool Organizer

Rubber base keeps tools dry and clean.

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ 5144 Mobile Office Backpack

Arsenal™ 5144 Mobile Office Backpack is ideal for transporting laptops, tablets, and other office supplies.

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ 5872 Wrench Roll-Up

Stores wrenches in nicely organized slots.

Poltex Fully Adjustable PPE Holder

Adjusts in both depth and width

Honeywell Salisbury™ Back Packs

Designed to hold virtually everything from tools to full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits

Ergodyne™ Arsenal™ 5870 Tool Roll-Up

Stores up to 25 tools with room for sockets.

Glove Guard™ Glove Clip

Attaches to a belt loop or directly to clothing

Poltex Child/Adult Mask Holder

Holds one box each of child and adult masks

S-Curve™ BD-700 Bouffant Dispenser

For bulk dispensing in cleanrooms and laboratories

Poltex Bulk Loose PPE Dispenser

Holds and dispenses PPE including masks, gowns, beard covers, hair nets, bouffants, booties, etc.

Poltex N95 Mask Dispenser

Holds one box of N95 Masks. Durable PETG construction.