Apparel Accessories

Fisherbrand Stainless-Steel Hangers

No-fall hangers designed for use on wall and floor mounted garment racks

Fisherbrand™ Transport Box

For transporting biological, clinical samples, instruments, products that needs to be kept clean and dry under testing enviornmental conditions

Fisherbrand™ Apron and Lab Coat Hooks

Hooks for laboratory apparel

Salisbury Arc Flash Storage Bag

Keeps your gear at hand

Salisbury™ Back Packs

Designed to hold virtually everything from tools to full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits

3B Scientific™ Carrying and Storage Case for Advanced Phlebotomy Trainers Products for Science Education

For Advanced Four-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid™

Brady™ PRINZING™ Shoe Cover Dispenser

Remind employees to wear foot protection by mounting shoe cover dispensers near all hazardous work areas. The Brady™ PRINZING™ Shoe Cover Dispenser features “SHOE COVERS” printed on the front for easy use, and can hold up to 50 covers. Covers are dispensed through an opening in the front.

Brady™ Universal Rolling Case

Fits multiple Brady industrial benchtop printers

Brady™ IDXpert™ Hard Cases

For use with ABC and Keyboard layout

Brady™ Bradylite™ Utility Kit Compartment Replacement Case

Designed to fit Bradylite reflective numbers and letters

Metro™ Upright Garment Racks Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Designed to provide efficient storage of cleanroom garments

Brady™ PowerMark™ Carrying Case

Keeps device and accessories in one convenient case for portability

Drucker™ Accessories for SampleSafe™ Storage Lock Box

Optional accessories for use with SampleSafe Storage Lock Box

Drucker™ SampleSafe™ Model LB-20 Sample Storage Lock Box

Insulated box ensures sample integrity and keeps sensitive specimens fresh till they reach laboratory

Minigrip™ White Vinyl Garment Bag with Hanger

Enables patients to neatly hang their clothing

Drucker™ SampleSafe™ Model LB-10 Sample Storage Lock Boxes

Insulated box ensures sample integrity and keeps sensitive specimens fresh till they reach laboratory

Minigrip™ Garment Bag Hangers

Enables patients to neatly hang their clothing while in surgery

Pelican™ Watertight Equipment Cases

Open-cell core with solid wall design

Chocolate - T-Shirt Products for Science Education

White cotton T-Shirt imprinted with molecule design of cocoa in brown.

S-Curve™ BD-700 Bouffant Dispenser

For bulk dispensing in cleanrooms and laboratories

Pelican™ S130 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Divider Pack

With built-in watertight and crushproof case

Pelican™ 1200 Small Case

Lightweight cas is extremely strong, compact, and fully capable.

Pelican™ 1500 Medium Case

Medium cases provide mobility with room for protecting larger gear or multiple instruments and accessories.