Heat and Fire Resistant Overalls

DRIFIRE™ Midweight Long Sleeve Shirts

Suitable for wearing alone or layered for increased warmth and FR protection

DRIFIRE™ Flight Deck Jerseys

Provide easy visual identification on shipboard flight decks

DRIFIRE™ Lightweight Short-Sleeve Tees

Used as base layer for other DriFire garments

DRIFIRE™ Heavyweight Long Sleeve Shirts

Can be wear alone or as part of layering system for increased protection and warmth

Workrite™ Workrite™FR FR/CP Industrial Coverall

Workrite™FR FR/CP Industrial Coverall. Nomex™ IIIA with ShieldCXP provides flame resistant and chemical splash protection.

Bulwark™ EXCEL FR™ Long Sleeve Tagless Henley Mens Shirts

Designed with flame-resistant fabric, 210g/m2 (6.25 oz.) Interlock FR 100% Cotton

Bulwark™ Nomex™ IIIA HRC1 4.5 oz. Uniform Shirts

Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 4.8 calories/cm2

VF Workwear Bulwark Excel-FR™ Long Sleeve Henley HRC2 Shirts

Protection: Arc Rating EBT 11.0 calories/cm2

Bulwark™ EXCEL FR™ ComforTouch™ 7 oz. Dress Uniform Shirts

Designed with flame-resistant fabric, 7 oz. (235g/m2) 88% Cotton/12% Nylon

VF Workwear Bulwark™ Excel FR™ Flame-Resistant Work Shirts

For use in foundries, utilities and petrochemical industries

Bulwark™ Nomex™ IIIA HRC1 6 oz. Uniform Shirts

Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 5.7 calories/cm2