CliniSYNC Physician Office Supply Chain Program

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What is the CliniSYNC Program? 

CliniSYNC is a platform developed by Fisher Healthcare to address the challenges with off-site supply management.

This program coordinates communication between central supply and satellite locations (clinics, urgent care sites, emergency rooms).

As Healthcare Reform continues to evolve, integrating physician offices and other remote locations into a healthcare integrated delivery network is critical.

CliniSYNC specifically supports consistent performance and patient care in the following areas:

  • Product formulary consultation
  • Consistent system-wide pricing
  • Uniform ordering portal
  • Tailored delivery options
  • Spend analytics
CliniSYNC: Consistent Experiences = Consistent Care for the Patient

CliniSYNC: Consistent Experiences = Consistent Patient Care

Standardized Testing

  • Consistent diagnostic testing across health system
  • Test protocol, quality control, result correlation and electronic medical record
  • Reduced site-to-site variability
  • Near-patient testing increases result turn-around-times and patient satisfaction

Supply Integration

  • Streamlined remote purchasing with order control and tracking
  • Visibility into utilization at individual sites
  • Site compliance tracking
  • Product and vendor standardization
  • Reduced administration time at clinics

Financial Management

  • Harmonized pricing
  • Cost containment
  • Eliminate waste and duplication
  • Set order limits
  • Full utilization of contract pricing and group purchasing organization incentives
  • Supply chain benchmarking reports

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