Classroom Condensers and Distillation

Solid Glass Beads Products for Science Education

Increase the efficiency of separations.

Eisco™ Graham Condensers Products for Science Education

Use to change substances from gas to liquid, made from heat resistant borosilicate glass.

Eisco™ Liebig Condenser Products for Science Education

Eisco™ Liebig Condenser is made of high quality borosilicate 3.3 glass and features an integrated inner tube and narrow jacket for efficient cooling.

GSC Go Science Crazy Graham Coil Condensers Products for Science Education

Sealed inner and outer tubes prevent leakage.

GSC Go Science Crazy Condensers Products for Science Education

Designed for efficiency and high-speed condensing. GSC International Condensers are constructed of borosilicate glass and available in Graham and Liebig varieties.

United Scientific Supplies Distillation Apparatus Products for Science Education

Includes all the materials necessary to construct an inexpensive, versatile distillation apparatus.

GSC Go Science Crazy Student Distillation Apparatus Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the properties of distillation in an inclusive kit. The GSC International Student Distillation Apparatus Kit is a must have kit for any student interested in learning the properties of distillation. It includes everything needed for a distillation demonstration.

Eisco™ Distilling Apparatus Glassware - 500mL - High Quality - 19/26 Products for Science Education

This distilling kit is made of high quality borosilicate glass. The kit consists of only the glassware for distilling experiments. No tubing or heat source or stands are included. All joint sizes are 19/26.